Midseason Reaview pt.2

Now that we have dispensed with all the good anime we are left with the relatively good and the rest.
Yes, it is a girl Gundam. No, it is not as kawaii or as moe as Nobel Gundam.
Gundam 00 (the show for yaoi fangirls of the season)
Since alot of bloggers are already bashing this show, i shall not dwell on this subject for too long. There area a few major weaknesses in this show:
1) The male leads are not GAR(my cup of tea) enough and most of them are emo(not my cup of tea). Well, after watching Gurren Lagann which featured male leads who are the definition of GAR i feel rather disappointed that the leads here are emoboys.(except crazy Hallelujah, he is a bloody sadist which is good in a show full of emos
2) Overpowered Mechas
I can understand that in a mecha show, the lead mechas must be near indestructibile but this is just too much. Examples Virtue’s GN shield and Kyrios which can just fly through a minefield undamaged, no to mention Exia that can take a direct hit from an artillery shell and still come out without a scratch
If you want more Gundam 00 bashing please visit comrade crusader at that.animeblogger.net

Yes Shana is the most Moe of them all

Shakugan no Shana 2 (had such high hopes but it bombed anime of the season)

Nothing much to say here other than the plot pacing is too damn slow!!! Where the hell is the action and to quote other bloggers, has this turned into Shakugan Days!?!?! Im just bombed. This show is currently on my hiatus list and i will refrain from watching it until i have gathered more good episodes that will justify my love for the first season.

To the producers: For the love of Haruhi please give me fiery loli back im begging you!!!

I was told that it will be THIS good.
ef- A tale of Memories (the show that people keep telling me i need to watch it of the season)
I have no idea why i havent watched this yet when i love bishoujo game to anime adaptations. Maybe because the quota has been filled by Clannad??? Anyways i will be watching it soon can anyone give me any suggestions whether to watch or not??

6 responses to “Midseason Reaview pt.2

  1. Congrats on your new blog (^_^). Tieria looks like a girl. Nadleeh also looks like a female version of a Gundam. Am I seeing some connection here ^^

  2. Thanks for the link in your blog and ive linked you. and the title of my blog is ☆.Daily Life.☆

    =P, Choo don sound right for a title of a blog

  3. Added to my blogroll. Welcome to the HIVEMIND.

  4. I dropped Gundam 00 because of boredom, mostly talk and the boring plot. I’m still watching Shana, though the latest episode just took the Shanaism out of me. Just when I thought they would continue with the fighting and the main story (sigh).

  5. @ lanie-emon: your eyes are playing tricks on you. you didnt see anything..^^

    @choo: problem solved.

    @Hangmen: thx and welcome to my blog just dont go all zetsubou on me.^^

    @as: im keeping Gundam 00 because i need to fill my mecha quota. about shana, i actually stopped at ep 4. so my confidence in it has not been totally shattered yet.

  6. Setsuna_san, don’t give up on Shakugan no Shana II just yet. At least watch episode 8 and 9… The only thing I can say to you is that Margery-San stole the spotlight.

    I am currently at episode 10 and I hope the little clues they showed in the most recent episodes will blow our minds.

    It had become more shoujo, I reckon. But being away from it most of the time, it doesn’t bother me… However, some action is appreciated. I will tell you when it becomes exciting again.

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