Chara Battle Round 1: Otaku Gals or Fujyoshi

There area quite a few otaku gals out there so i had to trim my list down to my favourite characters.

Chara 1: Izumi Konata (Legendary Girl A)

Chara 2: Tamura Hiyori (Certified Yuri Doujinshi Artist)

Chara 3: Patricia Martin (Gaijin Otaku Cosplayer)

Chara 4: Ogiue Chika (Certified Yaoi Doujinshi Artist)

Okay, so now we have our contestants ready, we shall look into them on different categories.

1. Contribution to Otaku Culture.

Konata: The name says it all, Legendary Girl A. Any doujinshi she buys turns into instant hits and if her room is any indicator, she buys lots of goods and merchandises as well.

Hiyori: She draws doujinshi and yuri doujinshi at that! If thats not contribution to the otaku culture then i dont know what is.

Patricia: After analyzing her character, i have come to the conclusion that her contribution to the otakudom is significant. Firstly she intends to spread otakuism in her native country(U.S.A which sadly has been hit by a huge growth in Narutards). Secondly she listens to alot of anime music which means that she should have bought quite a few character CDs and contributed to the fandom.

Ogiue: She draws Yaoi doujinshi, which caters to the Fujyoshi section of the Otaku crowd. She has also participated in the creation of male oriented Doujinshis so she has indeed done the Otakudom proud. Plus, if i am not mistaken, she has been sighted at many doujinshi events, picking up loads of yaoi doujins.

2.Cosplay Potential.

Konata: High. Cosplaying Haruhi is reason enough for that, plus she can cosplay Shana as well if she wanted to(fanboying alert!!).

Hiyori: Unknown. I personally havent seen her cosplay yet. But she is a meganekko, so the possibilities are limitless.

Patricia: Very High. She cosplays as Mikuru-chan. Enough said

Ogiue: High. If recent episodes of Genshiken 2 are anything to go by, her cosplay potential is slowly being revealed by Oho.

3.Others. aka random stuff.

Konata: Plays online games and is teh awesome at fighting games. I think she and Kousaka can go one on one.

Hiyori: A meganekko. Moe level +10

Patricia: Gaijin who is proficient in Japanese. Respect + 10

Ogiue: Always harassed by Ohno about cosplay. Moe level + 15

Conclusion: I cant really decide on a winner since i like them all. But if i have to pick one i think it will be Hiyori. I love meganekkos and it is a huge plus when she is an otaku as well. But thats just me.

If you have any opinions do let me hear about it.^^

Special Mention: Hiiragi Kagami.

She loves Full Metal Panic and so do I. Plus she has a twintail, is a Tsundere, has an awesome Zettai Ryouiki, and has a twin sister.(sorry for stealing that pic lanie-emon, it was too moe to ignore)

And here’s some random pics for your enjoyment.


4 responses to “Chara Battle Round 1: Otaku Gals or Fujyoshi

  1. Out of those, I would choose Konata. I mean she is the Legendary Girl A ^^.Though Kagamin come in close at second of my fav girl, she’s a tsundere after all (^_^).

  2. well, i hoped that hiyori would draw some doujin about Konata and Kagamin, but i guess that didnt happen T-T

  3. I would have to say Ogi-chin is my favorite ^^. She draws yaoi but I can look past that, after all like you said she did draw a male oriented doujin. Her cosplaying is so moe and her attitude is her attractive traits for me.

  4. Patricia Martin, because I have a gaijin fetish. Not listed here: Harumi Fujiyoshi from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. God knows what kind of slash doujins she could come up with.

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