Christmas does come early. FACT.

A few days ago(December 13th), after a tiring session of college studies, I found a strange package waiting for me at home.
As curiosity got the better of me, i opened it up to have a look.(it was addressed to me after all)

First, i noticed the japanese writing so i thought wow, must be some otaku stuff.(LOL)
I then proceeded to open it.(Anticipation +10)


Nagato Yuki In the flesh!!!!(or at least PVC, Whichever you like)

Apparently my dad saw me looking up on the figure when i was at home and he ordered one for me as a christmas present.(looks like i got to it first.^^) THANKS DAD!!

Now, if you will excuse me, i have to go and practice some figure photography. will be back with a figure review soon.( it is my first 1/8 figure after all)


3 responses to “Christmas does come early. FACT.

  1. Congrats on the figure. What a nice Christmas gift ^^.

  2. cool! I love Yuki. Will wait for the pictures ^^

  3. omg. congrats. my 1st figure was haruhi XD. waiting for the pictures

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