Tribute 2007: Kamina a Giant among men.

The year 2007 is ending and soon, a new timeline will begin in the form of year 2008.
While most of us might discard memories of yesteryear like nuclear waste, let us remember that sacrifices had been made, brothers lost and hearts broken in the 2007 anime season.
And now, let us reserve a moment of silence for a giant amongst man.
His name was KAMINA.

His personality that was larger than life, he had striven to liberate humanity from the shackles of oppression and in the process he paid the ultimate price to secure the future of his comrades and those who had yet to know him.
His confidence knew no end and it was with this confidence and his bare hands that he created the Gurren Brigade that would be the salvation of humanity.
But sadly, like all great men, he went before it was truly time for him to go.
Kamina’s end was a fitting one for a man of his stature. He fell in battle against a worthy foe in a blaze of glory and made them pay dearly for his life. In the process set the clock ticking down to his enemies final moments. Indeed he was a man full of GAR in the truest sense.
(sigh, if only the male cast of Gundam00 could have some of his GARness)

In a Blaze of Glory, Kamina’s tale ended.

I once heard a saying by a certain person. A true hallmark of a leader is grooming future leaders to succeed him. Kamina was the greatest leader in this sense for he turned Simon from an emoboy into a man worthy to carry on his legacy and liberate humanity once and for all.
And for all of the above Kamina, I salute you.

Rest in Peace. あばよダチコ

5 responses to “Tribute 2007: Kamina a Giant among men.

  1. A philosophy. Charisma. One who could give you strength even if you had hope down the gutter, one to defy all odds, to know no limits, to aim for what many would define as impossible, to vanquish any odds stacked against him.

    He shall be remembered. His soul still lives in the heart his brother Simon and in those of many fans of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

  2. By the way, I felt devastated when I discovered he would not be among the cast after this battle… But for that kind of men, shame is worse than death…

    Kamina, we salute you.

  3. Shit, I haven’t even watched Gurren Lagann yet (already downloaded some eps) but I’m already shedding manly tears when I read this and the Wiki info about Kamina.

  4. He is GAR. Tha’s all needed to be said…

  5. @ all: Yes Kamina is indeed a man in the truest sense. i too shed manly tears for him on his deathbed. But as long as we remember him in our hearts and minds and use his teachings to advance in life, he shall never truly die.

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