Tribute 2007: Shiraishi Minoru. Hell hath no fury like a man oppressed. FACT

Well, in my last post it seems that i was so emotional when i was writing about Kamina that i had forgotten to explain what Tributes were all about. Basically, the Tribute posts are my way of honoring the great men and women of anime. They could either be characters, seiyuus, directors, or even production studios who have done the fandom proud.

and so without further ado, I shall cut to the tributes for THE Shiraishi Minoru whose appallingly lame EDs have only served to increased my Lucky Star fanaticism.(no, really i was watching Lucky Star partly to see how lame could he get next week)

Firstly credit is certainly due to Minoru for having his own rendition of Koi Mikuru no Densetsu as his ringtone. (This certainly certifies him as an otaku) Minoru has also managed to build up a loyal fanbase during the span of Lucky Channel as the Devil’s(Akira, we’re looking at you) assistant.

Anyone, IMO deserves my everlasting respect for putting up with soooo much crap being hurled at him. In this aspect he certainly showed true grit that i am sure Kamina would have been proud of.

His crowning glory came near the end of the Lucky Star season where he released all of his righteous anger on the Devil(yes, thats you again Akira) and brought her to her knees. All fear the righteous might of the oppressed for when it is released, it is more powerful than any force known to man.(so, if you have oppressed anyone lately, you had better apologize and make amends or you would have booked a place for yourself on a Nice Boat)FIGHT THE POWER !!!

So, for being the symbol of the oppressed assistants everywhere and taking the fight to the powers that be, we salute you, Shiraishi Minoru as a comrade in arms.


7 responses to “Tribute 2007: Shiraishi Minoru. Hell hath no fury like a man oppressed. FACT

  1. I love how he snapped, it was hilarious. The one really good song he sang was the beginning theme song, Motteke Sailor Fuku. Can’t get enough of his rendition ^^. The lightsaber fight was awesome, especially so because he lost which I think is funny.

  2. woop. my bad…that was me, AS on the previous comment lol.

  3. Loved how he was called “Sebastian” by Konata and Tsukasa, and this more than anything else. I learned to hate Akira Kogami with a passion as the Lucky Channel parts went by, one after the other.
    Yes! Shiraishi deserves his part of stardom, from a really discreet character (I thought he was a recurrent in-joke in the beginning), to a defender of the oppressed and a fighter dedicated to “great justice”.
    About his songs, well… Except for Moetteke! Sailor Fuku and Mikuru Koi Densetsu (?), I’ll remain silent.

    AS, you’re not alone. I did the same in the Kamina tribute (yep, the anonymous one was me). ^^;

  4. LOL, what a mix up there!
    @AS: in a sense i guess that the over the top ED’s are part of why Lucky Star is so special.
    @D_Blade: It is natural that we can all symphatise with a anti-organisation figure. FIGHT THE POWER!!!

  5. Has such a good laugh at that episode when Shiraihi went bonkers.After that it got more awesome as Gotouza-sama (Yuki Goto) appeared. Lol, now that was Epic ^^.

  6. Umm, lanie-emon, it’s Yuko Goto, not Yuki Goto (which is also someone famous, but in a much lesser degree). ^^;

  7. Lol, me bad ^^. Thanks for the info d_blade. Just to show that you need to check your info folks.

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