Figure Review: Nagato Yuki

It was raining cats and dogs and all other sorts of critters so it was impossible to go outdoors for the photo shoot. But, i managed to get some rather nice indoor ones instead.(Note that i have no prior photography experience and am a complete newbie, please don’t expect too much)

Yuki Likes books. FACT
Witch Yuki Looks dangerous. FACT

Yuki relaxing with my manga collection.

Just for laughs, a half witch Yuki.

Camera used: Olympus FE-280. It’s a point and shoot type. I don’t have a DSLR.

Even though i have no prior experience with figures, i could tell that this was a special piece indeed. I couldn’t find any flaws at all! It might be my excessive fanboying clouding my judgment though. IMO, the best part of this figure is how Yuki’s face is devoid of any emotion whatsoever, it perfectly replicates her expressions from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu. Try holding a staring competition with her, i am sure you will be gushing with fanboyism before long.
The figure comes with three sets of clothings(can i call it that?) for Yuki, the seifuku with cardigan, the seifuku, and the witch outfit. Its as good as getting three versions of Yuki in a box which i think is great even though the price of it is slightly higher as compared to other 1/8 figures.(must be the cost of the PVC)
And so in terms of score i give it a 9.5 out of 10. A must have for any self proclaimed Haruhiist.(a.k.a me)

If you want more pics it is available here.


3 responses to “Figure Review: Nagato Yuki

  1. Magnificent figure, nice pics. ^^

    I almost see her smiling in the second picture… Ah. Must be my imagination. Or the light.

    By the way, what is with the rather angry Alter Saber in the background? lol.

  2. Yuki stole her spotlight.^^ Saber was my first articulated figure but Yuki was my first ‘real’ figure.

  3. Lol, no experience required for figure photo’s ^^. I had no prior experience with the camera when I took figure pics. All that is required is a camera and a love of figures. I think the best one would be the Yuki with her shoulder leaning against the wall, very nonchalant.

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