The Phrase of 2007


Inspired partly by the actions of the Japanese monk at Kiyomizudera as well as AS, and in no small part Gurren Lagann. I’ve decided on the phrase that fits the year 2007 the best. That phrase would be: Fight The Power!!.

This year, we have seen many cases of the oppressed rising up against the powers that be. From the anti ODEX movement in the real world to the uprising of the Gurren Brigade in the anime world. I dont personally hold a grudge against ODEX but their high handed and oppressive methods have made the freedom fighter in me burn with passion and though i can do little, i wish for their swiftest downfall day and night. Animes that stray from convention and make it large also deserve to be recognised as fighters of the power and so this list would not be complete without names such as Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Kodomo no Jikan. Two truly great shows they are.

The Genericness of Gundam 00 has left me in despair!!!!!!

What little angels awwww. (yeah right)

IMO, fighting the power also represents going against conventional thinking itself, not just an organization itself. If so, all us otakus are fighting the power as well for we do not let others bring us down just because we do not follow the mainstream culture. So, to all my comrades out there don’t cave in to darkness and despair, fight the power!! and if you cant do it alone, know that there are always people who will stand by you and support you no matter how bleak the prospects are.

This year, we can truly say that the fight has been taken to the higher powers by the people.

5 responses to “The Phrase of 2007

  1. Well, who can forget the (peaceful) Akihabara Liberation Demo held by the otaku’s in Japan this year. Salute to Otaku everywhere ^^.

  2. I see you’re going to turn into a syndicalist or a headperson for consumers/customers’ rights. Revolutionism wants YOU!
    Just joking there.

    As long as it is about wise actions (No futile or exaggerated strikes or marches nor stupid boycotts that are ineffective in the long run), it’s all cool.

    Fight the Power! (But only if you got brains, strength and wits and Kamina as a leader)

  3. @ laniemon: shite, forgot to put that in.=_=”
    @d_blade: lol, i guess you are right. i just dont like it when studios produce substandard crap and try to sell it to me.

  4. Viva la revolution ^^. I’m happy that my post inspired someone, even though I never expected it to do that lol.

  5. Lack of subs for SZS as well as Hidamari Sketch TV Special (LOL both animes are made by Shaft) has left me in despair!

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