To Hell and Back

It has been a hard week since my last post. I had to contend with last minute scrambles for my finals and worst of all i have just caught a new disease. It is called the CLANNAD withdrawal symptom.

Now, most of you should already know that CLANNAD will be taking a break and will only resume airing on the 10th of January. What you didn’t know was that Kyoani inserted a subliminal message in the last episode that will have you re watch CLANNAD(or any other Key/Kyoani collaboration) again and again or risk losing your sanity. Luckily, a list of early warning signs have been compiled by yours truly(who is a survivor of this disease) to identify the disease as soon as it takes root. and hopefully seek treatment or risk a trip on the Nice Boat. have the strange urge to carve starfishes out of blocks of wood. begin to learn to play the violin. have the urge to cut pages out of books and stick them to your wall. want to rear a pig and a cat. wish that you had twin sisters. begin to act like a tsukkomi. consume an unholy amount of dangos

signing out with a nice pic.Currently my favourite character. Go Kotomi!!

One response to “To Hell and Back

  1. Yes, I know what you mean, I can’t wait for my new Clannad episodes, personally I prefer Kyou =3

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