Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 01


The King of Despair is back!!!
After a few months of pure despair, Zetsubou Sensei and his dysfunctional harem are back!!!

The new season begins with our despairing sensei trying his hand at multi-level marketing, being chased around as a heretic by a cult that he has never heard of and being mutated into a freakish being.I swear that there are some things on earth that only SHAFT can get away with..
So am i for writing this review.

Roughly ten minutes into the show, just when i thought that SHAFT was going to ditch the OP for the first episode, they kicked into OP mode. The new OP is about rumba but it actually has a rock tune to it which makes me want to hit the wall with all my pent up despair!! Its really a good OP, rivalling Bure Bure .^^

The first episode was all about Nami, the normal girl who refuses to be labelled as one. Poor girl, she tried her best to be abnormal which included trying to out suicide attempt Zetsubou Sensei and out Hikikomori Kiri. The episode ends with Nami giving up trying to be abnormal in a normal way.(Nami: dont say normal!!!)

Holy $#!T babies on the ceiling!!!
The Prophet of Despair has spoken!!
Bet you cant Nosebleed and vomit at once!

Did i tell you guys that Kafuka is the scariest person ever?

I have nothing but praise for this episode. The action was nonstop and i was ROFLing from the start to the end till my stomach started to hurt really badly. SHAFT was at the top of its game again with its artistic animation that was really smooth and fitted the show like a _______on a ________.(fill in the blanks yourself)

wait, i think i hear something. Other anime:”Im in despair!!!! The awesomeness of Zetsubou sensei has left me in despair!!!!!”
ahhh what a delightful cry.^^

End of Mad Rambling.

5 responses to “Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 01

  1. I’ve seen this anime couple of times. Seems interesting XD

  2. It’s out! Yay!
    I’m going to watch it now then. Thanks!

  3. Sorry for this second comment in chain, but I had to give my impressions:

    I’m simply glad to see the whole cast again, a summary of the main characters and a brand new description of one of the nutcases in Itoshiki’s class.
    Yup, even one we would call “normal” isn’t that much in fact.
    Yes, I’m very hopeful for the rest of the season. Hope minami-ke conserves its initial spirit too!

  4. Almost finished with the 1st season. I’m now excited about this 2nd season ^^

  5. The second season seems… pretty normal (futsute yu na!).

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