MAGe Festa 2008 come one come all!!!

On the 26th of january ill be attending a local otaku event called MAGe Festa (MAGe= the word MAGe is a short form and combination from Manga, Anime and Game Enthusiast.)2008 in Nilai International College.

There will be a few other bloggers attending as well such as: valho from toysworks, e-jump, and Likev84 from Journey Through Otakuism.

Will be bringing back a report on the event, hopefully it will turn out to be good.


7 responses to “MAGe Festa 2008 come one come all!!!

  1. Just wondering..
    Where it is held at?
    Crash wif soy event…

  2. Looking forward to your coverage of MAGe Festa ^^.

  3. @rokku: the event is held in Nilai International College, Negeri Sembilan.

    @lanie-emon: will do. would you be going as well?

  4. see u there!~ XD

  5. Not really. Will be working this Weekend (T_T’). Just my luck.

  6. *In a solemn tone of voice*
    May you have fun. I expect great event coverage from you.

  7. woah. lucky guy T_T i never been to any event b4

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