Fresh from the Manufactorium: Nikon D-40X

Just picked up my first DSLR today after much deliberation.
After looking through reviews online, I concluded that the Nikon-D40X would be a suitable DSLR for an eager learner like me and so I went off to my warehouse contact and managed to get one for a steal at roughly RM 2400. It comes with a camera bag, an AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm lens as well as a tripod.

Picture taken with my old favourite Olympus Fe-280. Will be doing some figure shoots with the Nikon soon, look forward to it!!


6 responses to “Fresh from the Manufactorium: Nikon D-40X

  1. what coincidence. i bought a new camera recently as well. a nikon too, the COOLPIX P5100. i have posted a few pics at my blog, do drop by when you are free. ^^;

  2. sorry for the double post. one more coincidence, my old camera is an olympus as well! FE series as well! the FE5500! ^^;

  3. @gordon: coincidence? i think not. LOL

  4. Now…
    That`s SweeeeeT

  5. oh shi~
    everyone is upgrading to DSLR ;__;

  6. grats, that camera is similar with the camera I’m using (I use D40, same feature but less megapixels ^^)

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