Things people do to figures. =_="

Ok, so we have seen figures in ovens courtesy of melonpan@meidocafe. (which was done in a safe controlled environment.)

But surely one should not even think about putting figures in a CPU like what some deranged madman has done below. Surely there are serious risks involved such as electric currents and not to mention the heat given off by the CPU which would melt a figure.(I guess)

This is just taking it too far.

12 responses to “Things people do to figures. =_="

  1. Lol, any wager when the figures will start to melt? ^^. Betcha the owner put the figure there for only a short while.

  2. Bluff one lar. Just like lanie said, most likely a short while lawl. That or the owner is hardcore.

  3. I believe it’s only for short while

    normal CPU temperature is around 40-50 celcius.. which is not good for PVC @_@

  4. Little Neko Anime Review

    Hopefully his room doesnt burn down,or whereever this is,poor him 😦 or her.

  5. LOL OMG. poor shana and mikuru. XD

  6. i don’t mind if he put crappy looking figures inside but definitely not mikuru please! >.<

  7. looks like the models are in some futuristic cage. Maybe that’s the effect the owner is trying to achieve ^^

  8. @lanie: i guess the PVC wont melt quickly probably within an hour??

    @Shin: guess someone shopped it.=_=”

    @ron~: not good indeed.

    @little neko: LOL

    @choo: OMG indeed.

    @gordon: LOL. Mikuru fan?

    @shinji: force field anyone??

  9. damm, that gonna cost him.

  10. can u say…blob no shana? XD

    already i’m scared of my figures being in my hot afternoon room, talk about inside a casing -.-

  11. Guess one hasn’t realized he may lose his main unit, figures and maybe worse.
    Oh, controversy, when you hold our minds, so gently but so deeply our hearts only cry “What on Earth?!” and wonder where can the humanity can go to in terms of foolishness… Surpassing the limits every time and trespassing the bounds of morality are ideas as crazy as this one.

  12. I expected a post about bukakke figures. Maybe next time eh? >_>

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