Charms. Myths or facts???

After watching Clannad 17 and looking at other bloggers trying to replicate The charm from Yukine’s book. I decided to give it a try myself.

Materials: 2 coins (any type will do i guess)

Methodology: Balance one of the coins in the upright position and repeat with the second coin on top of the first coin. Then chant “Ritafuni Kousoku Iita” 3 times. Then think of a girl whom you want to be trapped with in the gym storage room.


As you can see quite clearly the coins must be shaped and not totally round or else it would be impossible to balance it properly.

Conclusion: The charm itself is doable but results are unclear and further observation will be needed.

But enough with the charms. Lets just bask in the glory and beauty of Saint Kyou(who has officially replaced saint Valentine).

Admit it. You all want it.
A glimpse of heaven.

And a happy valentines as well to all you folks out there!!!!!


8 responses to “Charms. Myths or facts???

  1. Lol, by every bloke and his cat must have tried Yukine D.I.Y spell ^^. Oh well, all hail Kyou xD

  2. Happy valentine đŸ˜€

  3. KYOU SAIKOU!~ >.< i think that’s the most dere and moe scene ever for a tsundere XD

  4. nowonder my friend is playing with 2 coins.

  5. ☑Rape Kyou

  6. T_T! I haven watch clannad yet!! I’ve seen some1 doing it but forgot who already. Well Obliviousity did attempt to do it too.

  7. I normally adore Tomoyo but Kyou was truly *Cough* yummy *Cough* in that part of the anime.

  8. Happy Valentine!!^^

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