CNY loot.

CNY = Money = Spending
simple enough? >.<
well, i decided to use a portion of my CNY money to purchase some backlog titles in my list from Kinokuniya.

The loot.^^
1. Negima vol.16:
Finally, the school festival arc is coming to an end. I personally thought Akamatsu sensei dragged it for a few volumes too long.
2. Genshiken vol.6
Ogiues cosplay!!!!!
3. Genshiken vol.7
The gaijins are coming!!! The gaijins are coming!!!!
4. Gaunt’s Ghosts: Traitor General.
Colonel Commissar Ibram Gaunt and his team of specialist are sent behind enemy lines to assassinate a captured and compromised Imperial General in the Chaos held world of Gereon.
Great writing once again by Dan Abnett who expertly depicts the desperation of a mission deep behind enemy lines in the most hostile environment imaginable.
5. Gaunt’s Ghosts: His Last Command
Ibram Gaunts returns from his mission behind enemy lines but the experiences on Gereon has profoundly changed him and his team. Could he brush of accusations of taint and change the tide of the second front of the crusade?
6. Gaunt’s Ghosts: The Armour of Contempt
Colonel Commissar Ibram Gaunt returns with the Imperial army to liberate the Chaos held world of Gereon but there are others who have plans for Gereon as well.
7.Gaunts Ghosts: Only In Death
The final book in The Lost arc.
“Only in death does duty end”
Imperial Proverb

Would write a proper review for the novel when i have time on my hands. I highly recommend the Gaunt’s Ghost series. It is one of the best SF novels out there IMO it is filled with GAR characters and stories, a must have in fact for any Warhammer 40K aficionados.


3 responses to “CNY loot.

  1. Nice loot you got there. I occasionally read Gaunts Ghost novels (borrow them from a friend). Reckon they decent enough. I do recommend 40k novel about the adventure of Commisar Ciaphas Cain. Good swashbuckling fun, I reckon ^^.

  2. @lanie-emon: noted. will look out for it the next time i visit kinokuniya.

  3. Nice loots you got there! Hmm im suppose to open my red packets today but got no time. Oh well tmr ill do it.

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