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ACF(Anime Comic Fair) 2008: A brief coverage.

This would be the second con(can it be called such?) i attended this year. The first one being the MAGe Festa in Nilai. The location for the event was better this time as it was located in Berjaya Times Square right smack in the middle of Kuala Lumpur and i expected attendance and the cosplayers to be of better quality. The guys of The Figure Mall also had a figure exhibit on both days of the event. Too bad i could only attend today and i couldn’t stay for long as well so don’t expect too much detail from me.

I arrived at the scene at about 11.30 a.m. didnt look too lively so i decided to come back later.

The main attraction of the day for me was The Figure Mall’s display because it gives me the chance to shoot figures i don’t own but am interested in nonetheless. It was also great practice for a fledgling photographer such as myself.

The cosplay scene was rather dead though with quite a few familiar faces and costumes that were recycled from MAGe Festa. Guess there just arent that many cosplayers around these days.(i dearly wish i am wrong about this)

More doujin booth present this time around and the event itself was definitely commercialized with retailers setting up anime , computer games , and cosplay booth.(i spotted a Haruhi school uniform but didn’t dare try it on.

I now leave you with the pics of the day.

Online games booth.

Doujin booths and souvenirs get the Laughing Man seal of Approval.
Wall of Gashapons

Next up The Figure Mall’s display.

Woe is me for i have failed to get Tsuruya-san.
Konomi maid looks Moelicious.
I decided to get Rin after all. Will order her soon. Any Odeko(forehead) Fetishist out there?
Mirror mirror on the wall. Who’s the most moe of them all?
Maid + Scythe= one heck of a killing machine.
Wish Max Factory will quickly produce a Mai and Shiori figure.
Nijihara Ink. Before and after. Which do you prefer?
Ok Kev, how you found such a cute promoter i do not know but you have got to introduce me to her. LOL. And do i spy Megami’s there?( do inform me when you are going to order in bulk, i’ll gladly join you)

IT’S A TRAP !!!!!!
OMG not more Naruto. *facepalms*
More Naruto. *facepalms*
The Emcee himself breaking out a few moves.
Goth Lolis saved my day.

Wall of self expression.^^
Dango Daikazoku. courtesy of yours truly.


1. Good Location
2. Music wasnt too loud
3. Better turnout than the last event.
4. Met fellow Otakus. (hope to see more of you all next time)

1. Cosplayers fail to impress me much. (too much Naruto. For heaven’s sake try some other themes please)
2. The location looked a little too dull for me.
3. Turnout wasn’t as large as i expected.

An interesting outing but not really what i had expected.

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