Red Alert!!!

Truth be told, i haven’t been reading my gaming mags such as PCGamer (Us edition) for the past few months. Mainly because of all the coverage given to the FPS(First-Person-Shooter) genre and the lack of RTS(Real-Time-Strategy) game coverage.

This month, however i decided to pick up the mag again because of the coverage of a certain game. (Tips: it involves the colour red.)

Yes my fellow brethen. The classic RTS Red Alert is back in its third incarnation. Promises and hopes of mind control, Tesla weapons, weather machines and brave G.I.s all round.

As good as all of the above sounds however, that is not the real reason for my outpour of joy. In this new chapter of a great saga. The developers have saw fit to include a new faction in the game!! The more the merrier eh??

The new faction included this time around is The Empire Of The Rising Sun. No prizes for guessing which culture it is based on. Be prepared to see loads of ninjas and possibly anime style schoolgirls with weather powers. (I kid not. click the picture above and look closely at the Rising Sun corner.)

Well, after the impressive showing in Command&Conquer 3 i believe EA can do no wrong this time around. Keep ye fingers crossed and ye hopes high for this new installation to the Red Alert saga.


7 responses to “Red Alert!!!

  1. Omg, the last command conquer i played was the new tiberian sun. XD sweet. cant wait

  2. Can’t wait to see how the Empire of the Rising Sun unit will turn out to be. Especially with girl in seifuku running berserk with weather power, lol. The Tsunami tank looks awesome though XD.

  3. Ooo.. Man, I always miss out on this.. Thanks for the info.. Although Singapore have not come out any news of it, I have anticipated this great game.. Can’t wait to try it out..

  4. @choo: it seems that most people i know refer to the new CnC3 as new Tiberian Sun, guess it was really popular. Liked it myself too.

    @lanie-emon: LOL. would love to see weather power and seifuku mix. expect lots of flying skirts and wet shirts. LOL

    @fariz asuka: really? i thought that the Singaporean gaming community would be on to this faster than the Malaysian one.

  5. the “R” on the magazine is inverted? intentional? ^^;

    personally, i felt that EA killed the CnC series. still prefer Westwood’s CnC.

    one of the things i like about Red Alert is Tanya. ^^

  6. I saw this on another site, very sweet. Though I wonder if my computer can handle the graphics lol, maybe if I put it at minimum or medium like I did with CnC3. Can’t wait until it comes out ^^.

  7. @gordon: its intentional. i feel that westwoods cnc was better (unit imbalances are very apparent in cnc 3)but i cant say no to flashier graphics.^^

    @as: dont worry it should be fine. that or upgrade to a quad core SLI machine.

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