Truth can be stranger than fiction.

I am writing this in a hurry so expect incoherent babble ahead.

Today at approximately 12 pm i just had one of the most surreal experiences of my life.

I was busted by my Stats lecturer for web surfing during stats class viewing Dark Mirage’s Gundam post. I expected to be lectured(pun intended) but he started discussing about Gunpla with me and we talked about more Gundam 00 and he told me that he owned a few MGs plus a PG Strike and just bought a 1/60 HG Exia.

i guess this would be proof that the otaku culture is a culture for all?

Image commandeered from dannychoo(dot)com


10 responses to “Truth can be stranger than fiction.

  1. that’s interesting. did he chat with u one to one or in front of the class? ^^;

  2. Hey hey, you sure it’s not a dream? Wake up, wake up, wake upppp! ^^

  3. Lol, how cool is that. I’m wondering as well, did he chat with you in front of the class?

  4. I hope it’s not in front of the class. What d_blade said; are you sure it isn’t a dream?

  5. @ all: yes he talked to me in front of the whole class. =_=” there goes my secret.(LOL) not that i was trying to hide it in the first place.

    No, i wasn’t dreaming. If i was dreaming it would be a lecturer as hot as Kuroi sensei and as otaku as Izumi Konata.

  6. Woah now thats freaking cool.

  7. I wish I personally knew adults that shared my love for anime T_T

  8. That’s one cool prof ^^

  9. wow, ur lucky.
    When i surf danny`s site.
    I get caught and serve detention for 2 hours.
    2 HOURS!!

  10. @all: i guess that is a really rare find?

    @rokku: hmm thats a bit too harsh i think. you weren’t looking at dolphin care products were you?

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