So many events so little time.

Heres just a list of events that will be taking place in March.

[14-16th March 2008]
Hotlink Anime & Games Festival
Cosplay Competition
*Cosplay Comp. on Sunday 16th
~Sungei Wang Concourse, KL
time : Tba

[15-16th March 2008]
*Cosplay Contest on 15th
~Piazza @ The Curve, KL
10am – 10pm

[22-23rd March 2008]
Anime Comic & Game Con. 2008
~Berjaya Time Square KL
11am – 9pm

Looking forward to the ACG event (22-23rd March). Will be attending the SONY PSP COSPLAY on 15th. Hope to see a good turnout there. Reports as soon as possible. (wished i could attend the one on the 16th but my cousins having the wedding ceremony on sunday. T-T)

list of events stolen from e-jump.


6 responses to “So many events so little time.

  1. woah. those sure are a lot of events. Theres a event of Japanese living style and culture in my place now. but i don have time T_T

  2. man, my cousin sure is happy about this.

  3. Might be attending the event @ Curve tomorrow. What time will you be attending the PSP event Setsuna-san?

  4. Wow, I must tell my uncle living there.. He love this type of event..

    Wow, I’m so unlucky to have live in Singapore. Must travel to KL to catch all this event.. 😦

  5. @choo: your time will come soon. be patient in the mean time.

    @rokku: ??

    @lanie-emon: will be at the curve on saturday at roughly 12-2pm. cant stay long.

    @fariz asuka: i thought there were more events in SG? the community there is thought to be more active than malaysia.

  6. Still fixin my jpegs >_<
    waitin for ur picturs :p

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