ACGC 2008: A leech is fine too.

Apologies for the lack of posts lately, somehow I failed to bring myself to write anything at all for the past week. But I shall put that to rest with this post.

Yesterday on the 22th of March I attended the ACGC 2008 at Berjaya Times Square, a shopping complex in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. My main objective of the day was to cover the cosplay competition and meeting up with local otakus for the day.

Somehow, as if the wheels of fate conspired to thwart me I ran into a string of problems to reach my destination such as traffic jams etc. To further dampen my mood, the event was more centered on the gaming aspect. Even with advance warnings that gaming was the main event, I could not shake the feeling that the anime part of the event was used to lure otakus into it. To heap more misery on me, I found out that the cosplay competition was actually slated for Sunday, March 23rd. *insert facepalm*

But still I soldiered on and managed to take some rather acceptable photos of cosplayers. The event location was indoors and it played havoc with my camera as the lighting was terrible and my camera’s flash was nowhere near capable enough to provide adequate lighting.

The main highlight of the day for me was meeting up with the local network of otakus. They were a really nice bunch of folks who took a newcomer like me in without hesitation. (Surprisingly enough I remember that one of them actually thought I would be a girl. LOL?) Thanks to all of you for showing me a good time. One of them was actually my senior from college whom I had known all along but never suspected him to be an otaku vice versa. I guess it really is a small world.

And now, I present to you the pics. Please don’t expect too much. Also, I was unable to attend the second day of the event due to personal reasons so I did not cover the cosplay competition.

Anon delivers once more.
Rei cosplay. Borderline acceptable.
Miyuki cosplay. OMG NOO!!!!

Some decent looking girls in seifuku. Have no bloody clue what game promotion has to do with seifukus.
Emoism i guess.

The leeching festival is alive and well.
Commander Chaos delivers the goods once more.
Bah. bullshit weather has been plaguing my area lately.


4 responses to “ACGC 2008: A leech is fine too.


  2. BOOO.


  3. the school girls cosplayers looks cute. especially the one on the right. ^^:

  4. I agree w/ gordon, that one looks really cute!^^

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