How far is too far?

There comes a point in time when one would just feel that the cow has been milked too far and will die horrible, skinny, miserable, malnourished death. lest you have been misguided, Im not talking about Evangelion here with its remakes and numerous movies.(I am still waiting for the release of the Eva 1.0 DVD so i can get subs of it)

I was describing the madness that has been committed by the most certainly warp-touched people of Saitama prefecture in their latest attempt to milk the cash cow that is Lucky Star.

It has been reported that Satte City in Saitama Prefecture decided that the introduction of the Lucky☆Star Sake was not sufficient, so they decided to take it further by introducing Lucky☆Star street lamps. (insert WTFness here)

“100 of the street lamps in Satte City already have Lucky☆Star design acrylic boards mounted onto the panels.

The city intends to install more of these Lucky☆Star design acrylic boards on 530 of the street lamps, so that the entire town becomes one with Lucky☆Star.”

source: Alafista

As a LS fanatic i am happy that the anime is being warmly received by the Saitama folks but certainly the should be a limit to that. Do they actually intend to turn the whole city into a Lucky Star shrine?


9 responses to “How far is too far?


    With their new citizenship cert, I will embark on a trip to Saitama sometime in the new future to propose to my Kagami :3

  2. indeed, WTF.
    100 Lamp post with luckystar design acrylic boards mounted onto the panels?

    But still nice to see that some anime not forgeten yet.

  3. hope the acrylic boards won’t get stolen.

    btw, i see that u have a new banner. ^^;

  4. @istilllovenoe aka. shin: In before weaboo!!

    @rokku: actually they currently have 100 with 500+ planned. but it is indeed nice to see that the popularity of LS endures.

    @gordon: ill buy them off e-bay if they are stolen. if not ill have to do it myself. also, the new banner is to reflect on my current mood, which is in love with Clannad.

  5. Wow.. That is an extreme way to promote the show.. Such a waste to the taxpayer’s money..

    But who cares, I don’t mind stealing one of the boards since they have alot there.. Who knows, maybe the people living there won’t mind letting me take one.. XD

  6. Haha, more of a awesome moment in my opinion. A whole Lucky Star town, probably the first in history ;p.

  7. lol quite extreme but they still look cute lol

  8. Oh wow.. lol.

    In contrast, it’s too bad everything here is so boring.

  9. Might as well milk it for all it’s worth, I reckon what they are thinking…

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