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A post of penance. The Green Haired Goddess


I shall now proceed to name 1000 reasons why Ranka Lee is the greatest green haired loli in the universe.

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Macross Frontier 04

Alto just realized that 80% of the otaku population think he is Moe.

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Rider Maid (Ouick Preview)


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Toshokan Sensou 01:

There are not enough middle fingers in the world to show my displeasure at the subbers for failing to pick this anime up.

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Macross Frontier 03

Sniping the targets!!
NO U!!

OMG the bitch slap!!
Odds are 2/3 that Ozma will die soon.
Nope, no innuendos here.

Words fail to describe how beautiful this scene is.
A serene Alto is fine too.
Grunts get a burial with full honours.
Aces never die.
Ranka Lee desu~

Though not as action packed as the last episode, this episode of Frontier does quite well in the drama department and the characters get a more detailed exposure this time around. It was revealed that Ozma was not Ranka’s real brother and he was actually the pilot who failed to save her family who was attacked by the Vajra. In addition, Ranka has no recollection of that memory due to a mental block. Alto also managed to clear away his doubts about himself thanks to Ranka and has now joined the Skull Squadron as a pilot. Ranka’s singing this episode was absolutely beautiful. If Sheryl’s songs were filled with fire and passion, Ranka’s was full of compassion and motherly warmth. It is also revealed that Ranka will be taking part in the Miss Macross competition. I do hope she would win and end up with Alto.

As an apology for the late post, here you go.Alto dancing to the Nyan Nyan Song.
Mikhail: What are you doing, Alto-hime?

Preview : 1/8 Hoshii MIki Figure (The Idolmaster) Oh the dilemma!!

Haruhi commands you!!
sorry, cant resist doing that.

Your drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens!!

Ok, now THIS is a dilemma. Two versions of the same magnificent figure released at together. Is Max Factory conspiring to drive otakus bankrupt? Both sculpts of Miki are absolutely gorgeous and I’m not quite sure which one should i get, mind you figures are not cheap to start with. I prefer the version of her in the blue dress with shorter hair but i also like the nekomimi accessory that comes with the other one.

I’m in despair!! Abundance of great figures have left my wallet in despair!!!


Item name : Hoshii Miki Rouse Ver. (Figure)
Manufacturer : Max Factory
Scale : 1/8
Material : PVC
Producer : Hironori Tokunaga
Release Date : Sep

Available at: Hobbysearch

Now, if you would excuse me i have a few spare organs to trade on the black market.

Why Kanokon is the best fanservice show EVER.

Love it or hate it, you have to show Kanokon the respect it deserves. Never in my career of anime watching have i seen such a blatant disregard for censorship rules and moral decency in an anime. The sheer amount of fanservice here is enough to turn a gay man straight and a monk into a perv. Dont believe me? screencaps from the three episodes that have aired would tell you otherwise.

Loving will be had.
Hugs will be given freely.
Hair will glow.
Traps will be fawned upon.
Lingerie will be had.
Everything will seem normal.
Blood will be lost.
Paradise will open.
Tsundere will be deadpan.
Distractions will be had.
Skirts will fly.
voices will scream.
Subs will be misleading

I have heard much criticism and praise for this show due to its phenomenal amount of fanservice. To this i say the producers are just giving the people what they want, no-strings-attached fanservice. If you don’t like it don’t touch it because even a glimpse of it would prove that you approve of it so shut it and embrace the show for what it is.

This show strikes my fancy because the producers in all their wisdom have decided to ditch any half-assed attempts at plot creation and just focused on bringing about the weekly doses of soft-core. Unlike other fanservice shows like R+V that failed to impress me, Kanokon wins because it doesnt try to cloak itself in decency but raises the heat to the maximum level.

Furthermore the stellar cast of seiyuus in this show made it a dream come true for fanservice lovers like yours truly. Mamiko Noto, Kawasumi Ayako and Takeuchi Miyu voicing their respective roles is more or less like sex to my ears, and it nearly was!

Conclusion: watch Kanokon for the fanservice and fanservice alone. Forget about plot, this show is all about the moe moe moe girls and shoutas.

*this post was written under the influence of plenty of medicines while having a bad cold*