Code Geass R2 01: The Day of the Demon’s Awakening.

The Op this time is performed by Orange Range. some screencaps below.FAKE GN DRIVE SPOTTED
Orange kun is back to give lelouch a healthy dose of Vitamin C
Yaoi pairing of doom.
The Emperor has a Geass as well? WTF
True Tears LOL \o/

The episode begins with a short narrative about the situation Japan is in now. The Black Knights have fallen and Japan is now completely under the iron grip of Britannia. Persecution against the Japanese is now harsher than ever, as a last resort the remnants of the Black Knights planned to make contact with Lelouch to restore his memory of being Zero; he currently lives a peaceful life and has absolutely no recollection of his alter ego.


Lelouch and His younger brother Rollo decide to ditch class in favor of pwning noble Britannians in chess at sleazy parlors and so it was by chance or destiny’s mechanisms that he shall meet a hawt bunny girl and sweep her off her feet.

Hot or not? The jury’s out on this one.

Suddenly, the Black Knights appeared, seeking the return of their leader, the shit quickly hits the fan with the Brittanian army storming the complex and chaos ensues with people dropping like flies quite literally. I counted at least 50 DBs on screen by the end of the show.

The Crimson Knight Rides once more!!

The manner in which Lelouch regains his Geass and past memories is not dissimilar to the method he got his Geass in the 1st season. C.C. gets shot, his contract gets made, and he orders the Britannian army to perform self-pwnage. It looks like Lelouch’s Geass is still out of control as his eyes were glowing all the time after his Geass was returned to him.

Welcome back Commander.



I was rather impressed with the quality of animation this time around. It is obvious that the production budget is much higher than the 1st season. As for the overall story it actually throws up more questions than answers. How did Lelouch get a younger brother? Where is Nunally? These are but a few of the questions that require answers to it.

Also, Suzaku has now lost all credibility as a force for change. Suzaku is now conspiring with the leader of the enemy who invaded his homeland. That’s patriotism for you. I seriously wish Suzaku would die. He has been a hypocrite and an emo one at that since season 1 and his current actions show that he is no longer redeemable and shall burn for betraying his people.

P.S. I watched the RAW so I didn’t get some of the dialogues. orz


6 responses to “Code Geass R2 01: The Day of the Demon’s Awakening.

  1. Despite the lack of Nunally, Anzu more than makes up for it. Favorite Brit since Cornelia \o/

  2. LOL! Orange-kun?! Domo. xD

    The animation quality was certainly upped, but the opening and ending songs seemed.. a little weak to me.

    I found some interesting sights in the first episodes though ^^; Stuff like “momeland”.

    BTW- Why’d you watch the RAW? O.o

  3. @orange-kun: indeed, wheres my blind and paralyzed loli with a voice that melts hearts of steel.

    @mizunaga:i got the raw because i was impatient. turns out my weaboo level moonspeak enabled me to understand most of the show.

  4. Is it just me or does Suzaku look a bit gayish, cloak and all?

  5. Wow 2nd season looks really good! Yup Suzaku looks gayish lol^^

  6. Code Geass is back! I want to celebrate it with a certain brand of pizza, but not yet.
    Let’s cheer for the Order of the Black Knights!

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