Loot Report: Kinokuniya

This week I managed to redeem a discount voucher from Kinokuniya (it’s their 7th anniversary), which will grant me a 20% discount if I purchase more than RM300, which is roughly the equivalent of 100 USD. So, I reckoned I should go and pick up a few titles that I have been holding back on. But instead I ended up with a basket full of books and an extraordinarily huge bill of RM600 (roughly 200USD) pre-discount. Thanks to that my reserves are drying up and that means less figures (that’s equivalent exchange for you). T-T

And so, I present thee the loot of the week.


Manga haul:
GSG 1-6, Negima 17, Azumanga Daioh Omnibus all four volumes in one, quite a rare find i think.
Warhammer 40K:
Horus Heresy series (1st three books), Brothers of The Snake, and Ciaphas Cain Omnibus.

Others: Stalingrad, FMP vol 13., The split of Suzumiya Haruhi(translated from cover).

So far Kinokuniya is still the bookshop of choice for me due to the wide range of books there that easily outclasses all other bookstores in Malaysia especially in the manga, sci-fi and light novels department (light novels are in mandarin though because they are imported from Kadokawa’s Taiwan branch). Too bad there is only one of it in the whole of Malaysia (funny that there are two of them in Singapore though.) and it doesn’t sell Megami or Dengeki Hime. FUCK YOU MORAL FAGS!!!!

Also, due to my huge purchase I ended up getting 2 more of the same discount vouchers. So, I thought I should share it with my fellow comrades through a competition.

To win yourself one of the discount vouchers please get a screencap of any anime of your choice and insert a hilarious caption in it. Proceed to send it to myredknight (-at-) hotmail (-dot-) COM, together with your mailing address.

The closing date is on the 12th of April 11:59 p.m. This contest is open only to Malaysians. (Sincere apologies to my international readers because these vouchers don’t work outside Malaysia.)

The winner will be announced on the 13th of April and of course, i will be the judge.


8 responses to “Loot Report: Kinokuniya

  1. ouch! that’s one big loot you got there! XD

  2. Count me in \o/

  3. woohoo! i see another GSG fan XD

    i heard Kino has sales, but I haven’t got time to go
    and was hunting borders for a few mangas…been going every weekend ^^;;

  4. woah that must suck, no megami ._.

    do they have comp H’s ? this one is quite similar with megami, but better 😀

  5. Ouch. That will hurt my wallet very much. I always try buy no more than 5 books, so I’ll always finish read all my book. Whole set of gunslinger girl, that is $80? Maybe?

  6. OOhh, massive loot there. And looks like you picked up the Ciapahas Cain Omnibus. Hope you like them as I do.

    And I reckon the Stalingrad book is awesome as well. Hard to find a history book that read like a good novel.

    And yes, for the record, why the heck does Kino don’t sell Megami or Dengeki Hime. It’s too expensive to order it online (-__-‘)

  7. @prim3: a similarly big hole was made in my bank account.

    @lilkev84:lol go to Kino, they own Border’s arse anytime.

    @ron~: would have to check that out

    @cbjkelvin: somewhat close to your estimate.

    @lanie-emon: read 1st part of it already, that guy is a master of irony.^^

    andon the megami issue my thoughts exactly.

  8. Ahhh, the Azumanga omnious lol, they sell that here in the US at major bookstore chains.

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