Macross Frontier 01:

Journal Entry: 01

Year: A.D. 2059

Cadet Pilot Saotome Alto (早乙女アルト)

Designation: Miboshi Academy Cadet Squadron

It was a rather mundane day except for the fact that the Galactic songstress Sheryl was going to give a performance for the colonists of Frontier. Personally did not understand why there was a need for such a concert but the people craved for her and so the flight academy was roped in to provide the opening act of her concert. Well, I could certainly have done with some flight practice but I preferred to stay away from the likes of her. Mikhail was being an ass as usual about my looks. I can’t bloody help it if I was born like so!!!

The preparations went off without a hitch. When I was prepping my self in the woods behind the building after the rest of them left for the stage I ran into a rather interesting girl (or rather she ran into me) she somehow managed to get herself lost, run into a sprinkler and got her clothes wet. After helping her dry her clothes and find her way to the stage I rejoined my wing mates back stage and prepared for the concert. Before she left however she asked me to visit her at the place she works and performed the strangest commercial that I swore I would remember till the day I died.

The concert itself was rather boring, as we weren’t allowed to perform to our fullest potential due to so-called safety regulations. Being the ace that I was I couldn’t bear to be bogged down so I broke formation to perform a move of my own. As luck was to have it, my wingman failed me the songstress fell off the stage but luckily I caught her and we managed to create an improvised performance. I had to admit though her reputation as the Galactic Fairy was not undeserved as she kept a façade of professionalism throughout the performance.

Suddenly, the concert was cut short due to an unexpected turn of events that would forever change my life. First, the concert was cancelled and the songstress left. After I gave her a piece of my mind I took flight and surveyed the surrounding area.It was then I saw a vaguely humanoid shaped weapon wrecking havoc on the city. The local defense force was unable to even put a dentin that monstrosity’s chitinous armor as it shrugged off HEAT shells as though they were but stones. After obliterating the defenders the insect-like weapon turned its attention to me and tried to shoot me out of the sky. By sheer skill and a healthy dose of luck I survived a few hits to my pack and landed thanks to the arrival of a VF-25. Sadly the pilot of the VF-25 that came to my aid fared much worse and was crushed by the weapon as he ejected after being attacked in the blind spot above the fighter.

I then heard a terrified scream from nearby and noticed that the “thing” was turning its attention to a civilian. I recognized her as the girl I met before the concert earlier today. She was too gripped by terror to be able to make a run for it. Unable to bear letting anyone else die I took a gamble and got into the cockpit of the abandoned but still functional VF-25, betting that my flight suit would be able to integrate with the cockpit systems. Fortunately my gambit was successful and I managed to get the VF-25 working and fired off a salvo from its gun pod to distract the alien. I gritted my teeth in preparation of the duel to come.

*End of page*

Well, i thought the episode as a whole was really good. My only complaint is that they cut the dogfighting scene in favour of more Sheryl X Alto. (well, near Yuri is good enough for now) Also, Nyan Nyan song is dangerously addictive.

p.s. reason for this being so late was because i was wondering whether shinsen subs was gaoing to sub it then i got tired of waiting and went for AiA subs.


8 responses to “Macross Frontier 01:

  1. Near Yuri, LOL. But I find it kinda disturbing that the Alto almost looks prettier than Sheryl .

  2. @lanie: disturbing? i find it perfectly acceptable. must be the mako cakes getting to me.

  3. Lol, then I need some mako cakes, then XD.

  4. nyan nyan nihao nyan

    Moe? In my Macross?

  5. Just watched the preview version after reading your post ^^;

    Had the preview version for months, but never got around to watching it.. I guess it’s time to watch the real episode, then.

    Nyan nyan Ni Hao Nyan~!

  6. the nyan nyan song is so cute. ^^

  7. How’s the dogfight compared to Macross Zero? So far Zero has the best dogfights I’ve seen in all Macross series ^^

  8. @shinji: i am a Macross newcomer so i havent watched Zero. cant comment on that.

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