Code Geass R2 02: Japan Independence Plan

Does anyone find it funny that The Britannian Empire is based in America and not Britain?

Its official, Suzaku is the aggressive seme.

The Emperor has a Geass as well. Confirmed.

Mindraep incoming.

Suzaku is now officially the Emperor’s lapdog. He is even granted access to The Emperor’s secret areas.

Tsun Tsun

Dere Dere

The new Knightmare, Vincent. Quite impressiveif i do say so.

Urabe becomes an A class an-hero

Fanservice for Zero’s sake.

And so in accordance with the Bible the Tower of Babel collapses.

Crushed like a bug. The position of Governor is SERIOUS BUSINESS.

Guess whos back?? Back again.

Like a kid on Christmas morning.

Shit, more paperwork to fill up.

Marry Me.

Why Table-chan, i see that you have the mad scientist act covered.

Rollo is Evil. Nuff said.

Yes, get rid of him and bring back the lolicious Nunally.

This episode of R2 features:
-Answers to the cliff hanger end of season one. (Suzaku should just die)
-More questions about the Emperor and his motives.
-Near Yaoi.
-Knightmare Battles.
-Superior Strategy.
-Fanservice. (Kallen)
-Mind Control.
-Mind wipes.
-An Heroism (Urabe)
-Demolition works.
-Death of elitist Nobles.
-Resurrections. (Zero)
-Dramatic Speeches.
-Formation of a Country. (again)

This episode of R2 does not feature:
-C.C. Hawt ass.
-Pizza Hut.
-Princesses in general.
-The EU. (when are we going to get a glimpse of them?)


6 responses to “Code Geass R2 02: Japan Independence Plan

  1. Kallen in bunny outfit. yum yum. ^^

  2. Well actually, I’m pretty sure one of the scenes shown when Lulu/Zero is talking about cruelty still going on in the world is a scene of Britannian Knightmares attacking a town in the EU.
    Either that or I’m insane.

  3. @gordon: well, i prefer pizzabutt but i guess Kallen is fine too.

    @nagato: really? i guess i have to re watch it to confirm.

  4. Near yaoi ^^; lol

    Didn’t notice that Britannia was based in America, and didn’t notice the “fall of Babel” either ^^;

  5. I like how everyone forgot about Australia.

  6. LOL, I will never forget Australia since I live there myself. Anyway, my LelouchxKallen moment has returned! I used to be totally against LelouchxCC and then I couldn’t be bothered arguing, but YAY LELOUCHXKALLEN!

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