Macross Frontier 02

Missile spamming is still a favorite past time i see.
The X games has got nothing on this.
Thats why you should never go skating.
“Noble Sniper Mikhail in action”
Macross Academy of free floating.
These alien crafts look seriously buggy.
Be my sister. PLEASE.
Mecha Guro
Yandere alert.
Travelling in Style.
This is sooo Moe.
Everybody loves Alto.
This wont end well. Bets on niceboat are 3/1 now.
RANKA is now earned my favor.

The ED for this episode was really good.

Superb episode, loved every moment of it. The quality of the animation especially the mechas are undoubtedly one of the best of CGs in anime.
Best part of the episode IMO was the part where Alto and Ranka are floating in space, that scene combined the serenity of space and a near death experience surprisingly well.
Also, we are given the reason for Alto’s ridiculous good looks in this episode, it is revealed that he is actually the son of a Kabuki theater and thus his good looks and femininity.

The sub i watched this time is by Gattai subs. Though their resolution is higher than AiA subs, I prefer AiA subs because of the subbing of the OP and the ED. Is it really necessary to plaster the names of the staff all over the screen?

This episode of Macross Frontier Featured:
-Near Yuri/siscon/brocon.
-Superb skating scene.
-The Art of Sniping.
-Lost in Space.
-Fanservice in the most literal sense of the word.

This Episode of Macross Frontier lacks:
-Absolutely nothing. (i have no complaints)

p.s. Which style of posting is better this one or the one i used for EP 1?


5 responses to “Macross Frontier 02

  1. Omg, Ranka is so adorable! And yes, everybody loves Alto, although I call him Saotome lols

  2. @blissmo: Saotome? not for me, sounds too much like ranma. Alto is better.

    and yes, Ranka is indeed made of win. Now i need to find a younger sister.

  3. ya i’m watching Gattai’s subs as well since they are the only one offering higher res. but they seems like a new group right? can’t seems to find their past work.

  4. lol, noble sniper Mikhail. Sound straight from Red Army…

  5. @gordon: my thoughts exactly.

    @lanie-emon: haha, i took that straight out of the book “Stalingrad”. one of the best books i have read so far.

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