Rider Maid (Ouick Preview)


Phew, she just went to have a chat with Saber, thanks goodness she didnt run away.

Just collected my Rider from The Figure Mall today. Weather was once again atrocious and i didn’t do a shoot. The above are just some shots i took at home as a preview. Full shoot will come soon.


A good figure i must say. Love the long hair as well as her demure expression. The maid outfit was a little plain but that is ok since it goes well with the theme of a modest maid. The glasses that she is wearing are removable though they are really flimsy and i had some difficulty getting her to put it on (what a feisty one).

A must have for F/SN fans.


8 responses to “Rider Maid (Ouick Preview)

  1. so it will a outdoor shoot?

  2. will it has condensed milk??
    And no link to my site, the cat is not amused

  3. hoo rider seems so big compared to maid saber 😮

  4. @ gordon: it will be an outdoor shoot. would be my first try at it as well.

    @linkinstreet: no milk kthxbye. also updated the link.

    @ron~: according to the stats Rider’s height is 172 cm while Saber’s is 154 cm. No surprise there.

  5. Rider + glasses = pure win.
    Only thing preventing my purchase of this is meidu. Me no liek meidus. :<

  6. so you has rider too?
    But i has moar maids, haha :p

  7. Wooo…
    Hope is a outdoor shoot.

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