Toshokan Sensou 01:

There are not enough middle fingers in the world to show my displeasure at the subbers for failing to pick this anime up.


In the grim future there is only government sanitized propaganda on the shelves of Kinokuniya, BORDERS, TIMES and all other bookshops. This tragedy is caused by the Media Improvement Act passed by starch asses up in the bureaucracy who view the spread of knowledge and the freedom that comes with is a threat to their regime of brutality. Books were burned and the death cries of great literature filled the air, it was an age of darkness and society was controlled with an iron grip by the unrelenting government.

They sort of remind me of the Imperial Guard.

Rising against the central government are the Libraries under the control of local governments who are under the Library Freedom Act. They are the sentinels who stand against the darkness of ignorance and are charged with preserving the freedom of literary works.

Joining the Library squad as a raw recruit is Kana, oops, i mean Kasahara Iku who is a hot blooded idiot but she is lovable nonetheless. Iku undergoes grueling training in the regiment under the instruction of Doujou, the chibi instructor with a mean streak against her. Luckily for Iku, she has a friend in the regiment. Shibasaki Asako, who is also the gossip overlord. Iku often confides rants to Asako about being ill treated by Doujou. A bad choice considering that Asako is the Overlord of Gossip.

Long story short(either I’m trying not to spoil it or i am damned lazy), she makes it through her training with flying colours and is inducted into the special forces squad. She was especially surprised since she was sure that Doujou would try to fail her.

The next episode would see Iku engaged in what seems to be a real combat zone.


There must be a GOD somewhere out there cause my prayers were heard and some teams finally saw fit to undertake in a most holy act to illuminate us with the translations of this great piece of work that is arguably the best of the spring season, not taking into account Code Geass R2 and Macross Frontier.

I first thought that Toshokan Sensou would be a series that is heavy on gunfights and military actions but the first episode included so many comedic moments that i thought i was watching the wrong anime. The first episode was more of a training episode and was well done in all perspectives. Suitable emphasis was placed on how Iku had grown from a cadet to a full fledged personnel. Yes, Iku’s shock at being accepted into the elites count as well.

The seiyuus for this show did a stellar job as a whole. Inoue Marina as the hot blooded baka Aya was a great choice given her recent performance as Kana in the Minami-ke series i could almost imagine Aya as a grown up version of Kana with a bibliophile twist. I could almost hear I AM BOSS at one point of the episode.

That said, Toshokan sensou is shaping up to be one of the best anime of the season and you receive a flying dictionary from me if you are not watching it.


10 responses to “Toshokan Sensou 01:

  1. Posting in a new blog.

    Loving this show too, as it felt like FMP all over again for me. Yeah, definitely loving Marina Inoue in her new role, though she hardly sounds like 22 here wwww

  2. Hmm… Guess I’ll give this series a go~

  3. Toshokan Sensou 4tw!! I’m so glad subs are out now since my raw watching skills are very limited and finally more people will be watching this! (btw, it’s Kasahara Iku, where did Aya come from?)

  4. @ shin: LOL 1st. Indeed Marina does not even sounds like a 22 year old.

    @mizunaga: do it now. the dictionary does not forgive easily.

    @issa-sa: errr the sub said Aya and i dont remember any line in the episode that said Iku. hmm guess i should check that out.

  5. yay more Toshokan Sensou fansss!! fangirl me ish happy ^-^ I feel angry and sad over the people who can’t get to appreciate this show, either because they think the premise is so ridiculous (well yes it is, but I can’t believe they’re letting that get in the way of enjoying this show =_=), or they find Iku annoying (my reply – duh! she was made rash, a little dumb, etc for a reason, and we’ll see her character grow!). So yeah, hurray for Library War! ^__^

    Glad you felt the FMP vibes too!! :3

  6. @usagijen: indeed, people should learn not to judge a book by its cover. But it also didn’t help that the subbers were slow to get to it leading to the more shallow watchers to abandon it.

    Glad to see another fan of the show!! 😀

  7. How can you write the summary? It’s so hard …

  8. @blissmo: With a body made of steel and blood made of fire i forged the summary. Trust me, it isn’t easy at all.

  9. so, this show is about war and …. Books?!

  10. This is series is amazing! After watching all 12 episodes I’ve fallen in love with the premise. I’m definitely going to go buy the manga and see how it continues. I’m so sad that the 12th episode is the last one.

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