Macross Frontier 04

Alto just realized that 80% of the otaku population think he is Moe.

A short summary of this week’s Macross Frontier:

1.Alto got a dressing down by Mikhail and a dressing up by the Bobby.

2.Ranka enters the Miss Macross Pageant to bring illumination to the heathens who think themselves beautiful.

3.Alto gets a dayto of sorts with Ranka.

4.Sheryl appears to give Ranka some Inspiration. Whooaaa Meganekko!!!
5.Alto’s dayto got cut short by an emergency sortie for his final test.
6.Alto’s father is revealed and he looks like a really scary person.

7.Alto aced the final test killing a Vajra in the process.
8.Ranka failed to win the pageant due to vote rigging by the judges. RAAAGEEE!!!
9.A new character Giant/Loli Klan Klein is introduced.
10.Mikhail plays matchmaker.



Though i am absolutely outraged at the fact that Ranka didnt win the Miss Macross Pageant my nerves have been soothed a little since Haesslich informed me that Ranka has avoided triggering a BAD END flag by losing so i would take his word for it.

Alto is also becoming more and more feminine as each episode passes by. The way he fusses about his own appearance when he was going to see Ranka at the pageant feels so feminine i swear that he is the anime incarnation of the master Trap Impz. Alto’s victory pose also looked like something straight out of a Kabuki theater and when your old man could envision you as a lady, you know you are screwed for life.

Sheryl appeared briefly in this episode mostly to give Ranka some inspiration and to judge the Miss Macross Pageant. Klan Klein has to be the most shocking character of the season. Being a towering Zentradi giant, she shrinks into a feisty loli in Miclone form which appears to be a genetic defect as noted by Mikhail. Absolutely batshit insane if you ask me. I wonder how the producers squeezed a loli into the plot.

Three ridiculously easy steps to slay a Vajra.Get on its back, shoot into its central nerve, stay back and watch the fireworks.

The battle scenes this week live up to their usual high standard as the animation ran smoothly during the dogfighting scenes as well as the battle with the Vajra. I have to question the hotheadedness of Alto though, charging into a Vajra with just a combat knife when the enemy is fully prepared is plain suicide if you ask me. Nonetheless he pulls another great stunt, using an abandoned Zentrafi gun to deliver the coup de grace to the Vajra.

Another solid episode, possibly one for the record books as well for most hilarious transformation.

Next Episode: What the papers don’t tell you is that 90% of domestic abuse happens to males.

Ranka my dear, you can hit me with a wok any day.


7 responses to “Macross Frontier 04

  1. Nice summary of the episode 🙂 It was fun with nice story contrast. Klan Klein is so funny lol


    haha. I don’t think Ranka should have won. The people who participated in that competition worked very hard to get there. Ranka was too nervous and inexperienced. However, she will realize her dream eventually.

  2. LOL!!! I love Klan Klein. Ranka ftw!!

  3. Loli and healthy all in one package. Klein-chan is awesome!

  4. @Kitsune: The judges are too stunned by Ranka’s beauty and accidentally marked their score cards in reverse. lets hope she does realize her dreams in the future.

    @blissmo: my thoughts exactly.

    @Shin: the producers aimed to capture a wider market and they succeeded devious plan indeed.

  5. lol, hope her character song come out soon, like the part where she sing

  6. Ranka should have entered MDG (Macross Dream Girl) instead. Sure win.

  7. i’m waiting for episode 5 but seems like subs is not out yet. :-/

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