A post of penance. The Green Haired Goddess


I shall now proceed to name 1000 reasons why Ranka Lee is the greatest green haired loli in the universe.

1. The Nyan Nyan song that wormed itself into the hearts and minds of Otakus worldwide.

2. She owns the best cellphone ever. Its just so cute and squishy!!!

3. She has great taste in men. See how she constantly surrounds herself with only the most GAR of men? The list includes Ozma Lee, Alto, Mikhail and so forth.

4. She has green hair. Green hair pwns all. Nuff said.

5. While i find most dojikko characters to be useless airheads Ranka has a clear vision in life and she does her best to achieve it.

6. The Vajra love her as well. Bet you can’t top that can you Ms. Melin you slut.

7. Survivor’s Mental Block. Having a past filled with mystery is most certainly another plus point.

8. —————–

(Reason 8 to 999 was censored due to heavy stuff that will cause total and complete mindraep upon reading)


1000. Because i said so. Now grovel and the ground and worship her Loliness.


12 responses to “A post of penance. The Green Haired Goddess

  1. i take sheryl over her anyday. Nuff said

  2. I’ll take Alto-hime any day ❤

  3. LOL @ Shin.

    A good 1000 reasons you got there.
    Ranka is the greatest green-haired loli in the universe!

  4. i`m still sticking to Haruhi!!

  5. @linkinstreet: you fail to amuse me.

    @Shin: welcome to the world of broken people and mako-cakes. once you entered there shall be no turning back.

    @Mizunaga: Yes my friend you are indeed right.

    @Rokku: it is only a matter of time. YOU WILL SUBMIT.

  6. I take Klein Klan over her. She is also a loli right?? ^^

  7. RANKA!! RANKA!! RANKA!! RANKA!! RANKA!! RANKA!! RANKA!! RANKA!! RANKA!! RANKA!! RANKA!! I like Klein Klan too though.

    Nice reasons. Ranka ftw! My mind’s made up now!

  8. @Fariz Asuka: Technically Klan klein comesin two flavors. Giantess and loli form best of both worlds i think.

    @blissmo: YES!! another follower of the cult of Ranka, welcome!!

  9. linkinstreet

    Ranka is not a virgin anymore. the faraj.. i mean vajra has already defiled her thus her memory loss

  10. @linkinstreet: begone foul heretic Ranka’s cult does not welcome you!!!!!

  11. hey miku is green haired too. ^^;

  12. Ranka-chan FTW! Dx
    Sheryl’s a bitch.
    First episode and she already made a bad impression on me. D:
    Mah. Hmph.
    Ranka is just sooo ADORABLE! Roflcopters! xDD

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