Operation Lightning: The Kanto Incursion

Everything is according to plan.

It was the summer of the year Seika 31. Growing weary over its decades long confrontation with the tenacious Kanto Library Group (KLG), the Upper Echelons of the Media Improvement Group (MIG) with deceit and treachery plotted an audacious raid to strike at the heart of Kanto Library Group’s headquarters. This raid was to be codenamed Operation Lightning.


Groundwork for this daring raid was laid out weeks in advance under the banner of truce. The MIG sought to meet with the curator of the Library to discuss about certain controversial books. Among them, the exceedingly rare and valuable Library Wars of which few copies remain in existence after surviving the purge by the MIG. The MIG succeeded in persuading the KLG to group those books together in the curator’s office to be examined during the meeting of the minds.

A squad from the MIG’s elite 31st Special Assault Squadron (SAS) was to then insert into the Library’s ground and retrieve the books which would be grouped in the curator’s office while additional forces would serve to be the decoy. The trap was set and ready tobe executed. However, fate would have proven to conspire against them.

At least it seems that they are drilled to perform a systematic and orderly extraction.

A private from the Library Task Force the militant arm of the KLG, Kasahara Iku while on librarian duties noted that the rare books were missing from the shelves. Kasahara made a momentous decision to inform her friend from the Information Department Shibasaki about the missing books. Shibasaki was suspicious about the disappearance of the valuable books and when she later found out that the books were in the curator’s office awaiting a discussion the insidious plans of the MIG was doomed to failure.

Intelligence together with the ground pounders wins battles. Neither could survive without the other.

When the raid was launched the KLG’s defenses were automatically drawn to the decoys and the 31st SAS was able to reach the curator’s office without much trouble. Fortunately for the KLG Shibasaki was on the lookout for the infiltration team and spotted them rushing for the curator’s office. With utmost haste, she broadcasted the location of the infiltrators on the open comm channel.

If a Non-com officer could spot you so easily you fail as an infiltration team.

Upon hearing her friend’s call for support, Kasahara reacted immediately bringing with her a fellow new recruit, Tezuka. When they arrived at the curator’s office they were immediately greeted with heavy suppressive fire. When they searched the office, they found that the books were gone. Tezuka suggested that they go to the roof because he saw one of the enemies carrying a rope and was certain that they would rappel down the building from there. His hunch would soon prove to be true. Elsewhere in the library compound the KLG resistance was beginning to rout the MIG forces.

On my mark.


When Kasahara and Tezuka reached the roof they managed to apprehend one of the 31st SAS but not before he managed to heft the books over the railing to his comrades below. Taking the initiative Kasahara rappelled down the wall under the accurate and unrelenting suppressive fire of Tezuka who has a fear of heights. Kasahara managed to retrieve the bag but was then surrounded by the remaining SAS forces. She was about to give up when Lieutenant Doujou and his forces encircled and gunned down the hopelessly outnumbered remaining SAS members. The day ultimately went to the KLG’s Library Task Force.

Where is my blood? Oh wait im just pixels.

GO!! GO!! GO!!

Er, run?

The cavalry has arrived.


It is hinted(strongly) that Doujou cares a whole lot more about Iku-chan than he would care to admit.

awwww how sweet of you.

Private Tezuka confessed to Kasahara that he treated her coldly because he actually had strong feelings for her (awwww you tsundere). Lulz were had. Love Triangle in the making?

Historians and anime bloggers would later look upon this incident and conclude that no plan survives contact with the enemy and the KLG’s victory was down to improvisation and a healthy dose of Kasahara Iku’s hot blooded actions.


Overall, this was a most excellent episode. Solid quality just as one would expect from IG.

Bear or not for her to be able to knock out a person with a single punch Iku must have a terribly powerful right hook.

The funniest part of the episode had to be the part when Kana oops Iku punched the heck out of the bear. More unbelievable is the fact that she is the second one to have done so. The first being Doujou, at this point I LMAO’d.

Komaki: So are you two going out now? ~stunned silence~

Doujou: We are just colleagues. ~yeah right~

Iku: Its your fault for making him misunderstand!!! ~tsun tsun~

Komaki: My, my, a lovers’ quarrel so early in the morning? ~he is starting to sound like Itsuki~

One particular complaint that I do have however is that there is a lack of blood even after one of the MIG’s was shot at close range. For the sake of gritty realism please insert some tomato sauce IG.


4 responses to “Operation Lightning: The Kanto Incursion

  1. Don’t you find it hard to write the summary? I do, lols! I agree with your complaint — there’s not enough blood! NOT ENOUGH!

  2. @blissmo: well, i do admit that Toshokan Sensou’s summaries are a little arduous to write but it should be done in about half an hour or so. To save some time i wrote it on MS Word before uploading them to the post.

  3. Even TSHNN asked me to switch over to Menclave for this lawl.

  4. @shin: same here. it surprises me how they waited for so long and then suddenly release all 3 episodes at once.

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