Operation Deathguard: The Battle of Odawara

Soon this hallowed ground would be filled with the cries of the dead and the dying.

With the death of the owner and operator of the Museum of Information History Mr. Nobeyama, the museum in Odawara which houses a large amount of controversial documents regarding the Media Cleansing Committee (MCC) and its operations was to be closed down. The precious documents housed within its hallowed shelves were to be then taken custody of by the Kanto Library Force (KLF).

Well aware of the MCC’s interest in the documents the KLF anticipated that the Media Cleansing Force (MCF), the militant wing of the MCC and its affiliates would turn out in force to prevent the hand-over of the documents, the KLF dispatched the whole of the elite Library Task Force (LTF) regiment to the defense of the museum. They would be supported by elements of the Kanagawa Prefecture Defense Force (KPDF). The plan called for a perimeter to be set up around the building and for the documents to be airlifted off the roof by containers.

It was worth noting that one of the members of the Task Force Librarian First Class (LFC) Kasahara Iku was left out of the Odawara expedition. Instead she was assigned to bodyguard duty, guarding the Commander of the LTF Inamine while he attends the funeral of Mr.Nobeyama which takes place on the same day as the hand-over of the documents. Though LFC Kasahara would be involved in another incedent shortly it is of no concern to this operation.

The LTF and KPDF arrived a day earlier of the hand-over date to dig in and prepare fortifications. The MCF arrived on the day of the hand-over at 0900 hours in great numbers as expected. At first the MCF tried to force surrender from the LTF by a show of force but that attempt failed and soon both sides would be locked in a battle that would last for about 2.5 hours.

The first move was made by the MCF who crashed an armored vehicle through the gates of the compound. With the physical barrier down MCF forces stormed the compound and were met with stiff resistance from the LTF and their KPDF allies. After a few unsuccessful attempts by the MCF to bring down the chopper it managed to lift itself off to safety with the first of the containers.

With casualties mounting the outnumbered defenders they were forced to organize a retreat back into the museum under the cover fire of their comrade snipers. Two hours after the beginning, the climax of the battle was nearing. The MCF managed to breach the museum building and fierce firefights were being fought along the hallways of the museum. It was during this moment that the LTF’s helicopter arrived for its second round.

Though dangerously overloaded with the wounded and its cargo of documents, the helicopter took off to safety and so the battle was ended with the surrender of the LTF at 1140 hours and its overall strategic victory. In exchange for their safe conduct they left behind a third container of documents, those which they already have backups of.

Shortly after this battle another interesting incident was to happen. This concerned LFC Kasahara Iku and Commander Inamine of the LTF who were attending the funeral of Mr. Nobeyama the owner of the Museum of Information History. That incident is chronicled in the next chapter.


I have some major complaints about the way the strategy for the Battle of Odawara was planned out. I was rather surprised that the LTF soldiers were not issued with more powerful assault rifles instead of sub-machineguns which would definitely have the advantage of range and stopping strength in and outdoors environment. That said I would have understood if they switched to SMGs for combat within the confined spaces of the museum itself. I was also perplexed as to why there were no support weapons such as the Squad Assault Weapon (SAW) issued to the troops who would obviously be in need of suppressive fire to keep the MCF at bay during the defense.

That aside, I rather liked how Iku acted awkwardly around Tezuka after his confession and how that he didn’t seem to notice her awkwardness. Doujou lost some of my respect this week for not trusting Iku to carry out her duties though his doubts about her mental preparedness was not unfounded.

Protip: important plot points are normally hidden in the drinks.

That’s all for this episode. Looking forward to the subs of the next episode.

Yes, the line for the Toshokan Sensou subs turned ugly.


2 responses to “Operation Deathguard: The Battle of Odawara

  1. Realism? In my Library Wars? I expected them troops to use an RPG to take out the helicopter but they resorted to firing pointlessly with the guns from below instead lawlwut.

  2. LOL. True, an AA weapon would have been a better choice but blowing up helis wont be good for public image would it?

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