Evangelion 1.01: You are (not) alone

This is an accurate representation of my Rei fanboyism. Do not expect coherent stuff in this post and bear in mind that this is a Rei picspam post. (56ks not advisable)

Are bondage characters still in? IF it is Rei it is always in.

I swear if Rei whispers into my ears i would faint from blood loss. Her voice is like sex to my ears.

Er where is my heart. Oh, it melted.

For the sake of calling this a post here are some thoughts on Eva 1.01.

I thought that the movie version stayed quite true to the TV anime version and it has markedly improved on the anime’s weak points and the strong points in the anime were further reinforced. The most epic part of the whole movie has to be the climatic battle between NERV and the 6th Angel Ramiel in Operation Yashima. The scene where Shinji was taking his second shot at Ramiel was incredible to say the least. It managed to take in the desperation and hope of the cast and take it to greater heights with an excellent BGM. Also, Shinji finally grew some backbone and instead of taking his beating from Ramiel like a dog he stood up like a true man would and paid it back t Ramiel a hundred times over. It make me glad to see that Gainax is not turning Shinji into an Emo piece of shit, YET.

I shed manly tears at this scene





Its great to see you grow some backbone shinji, dont let Kaworu screw you up too soon ok?

Ramiel is totally haxed. He could even melt a whole mountain.

This is sooo straight out of Gurren Lagann.

And here are a few differences i spotted in the movie.

1. Misato’s fridge now contains Kirin beer as well as Yebisu. She previously drank only Yebisu in the TV version.

2. The train scene arrived way too early.

3. EVA with a gattling gun????

4. The design of the prog-knife has changed significantly.

5. Ramiel can shape-shift.

6. Angels will now turn into a pool of blood when killed unlike in the TV version where they would linger around.

7. Lilith appeared wayyy tooo early as well.

8. The mask on Lilith is different.

9. The mask Lilith used to wear is now worn by another angel.

10. The positron rifle looks more badass then the TV version. The shield Rei uses is different as well.

One last thing.



10 responses to “Evangelion 1.01: You are (not) alone

  1. Hur hur, wonder how much I’d understand having not seen the original.

  2. You bought the dvd?

  3. @shin: you’d be alright. This was made for the general audience who might not have an extensive eva fanboy background.

    @double: nay, i am not rich enough. Leeched it off a friend.

  4. I swear to god, I will watch the movie on the 3rd of July, come Hell or highwater, lol ^^.

  5. I didn’t even know this was coming out, aside from Kuro’s spam on #ab

  6. Wow.. I wished I pre-ordered the dvd.. Rei ftw!!

  7. farker, thankfully I brought the DVD ISO lol, totally forgot about the ripped version. Anyways, ur Rei will be forgotten after this for Asuka. ALL HEIL THE TSUNDERE QUEEN!!!

  8. a fellow singapore blogger said the DVD will be available in singapore today. me will go take alook tomorrow.

  9. Hey, it kinda looks like Doom 3 with all the dark screenshots and all.

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