Rider Modest Maid ver.

The weather was rather fine so i decided to take my Rider out for a quick shoot at the playground near my house. As I’m not quite good with with story writing ill just be posting pics.

Complete set of photos available here. just ignore the other junks.


Scale: 1/8

Manufacturer: GSC

Game: Fate Hollow Ataraxia

Character:  Rider

Supplier: TFM.


Nikon D40X


Sunny with a light breeze


Though some might complain that Rider is wearing too much cloth i completely disagree with that. The maid that Rider is supposed to portray is a sweet and demure maid so i find the length of clothes suitable for her. The sculpt for this figure is really excellent as per GSC’s quality. One gripe i have about the figure is the really flimsy specs that seems to be made out of some metal wire. I had serious problems trying to fit it on her and i gave up trying because i fear i would damage her. But i like her without the specs just fine.

A definite get for all FSN or FHA fans.


16 responses to “Rider Modest Maid ver.

  1. Pantsu shots where? It’s the sweet and demure types that are truly the naughty ones hehe.

  2. Unfair!!!
    My shitty Optio SV p&s is a no match to your DSLR ;__;

  3. Oh lord how I love Rider-meido. x_x

    Very nice photoshoot.

  4. where’s her glasses?

  5. Gorgeous pictures! Like if Rider was actually taking a break in the garden of the mansion she works at ^^

  6. very nice photos you have there. keep them coming ^^

  7. Nice pics there. Really capture the demure Rider relaxing after a hard day’s work ^^. Btw, where’s her glasses?

  8. Nice pics. Story writing just comes to you, especially when you look at the pictures. Just by taking a look at yours I can think of a story where you’re the master of a mansion and she’s your favorite maid xD.

  9. nice pics, one complain tho, no thumbnails 😦 take ages to load this page ._.


  11. @all: about the glasses read my thoughts.
    @shin: pantsu shots arent my speciality.
    @e-jump: i dont see much of a diff. your skills still waay better than mine anyway.
    @lu-k&AS: lol, wish i did own a mansion and a maid like rider.
    @ron: will rectify that in the future,
    @blissmo: save money and buy your own. They never did come cheap.

  12. Nice figurine, how much did it cost? (Aside from price quote from HLJ lols.)

  13. @Nagato: Rm 212 (local shop) which is roughly around 60-70USD?

  14. nice set~ ^^
    can she balance without the base? if so, it would be nicer and more natural without it 😛
    that kinda specs seem to be used for many other meganeko figures, excluding MF nagato

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