Bandai VF-25 preview

Pic is related to the post.. but just only….


From the Shizuoka Hobby Show. Bricks were rained when i saw this masterpiece. Its just that beautiful i cant wait to get my hands on the VF-25 now. I do wonder though if it comes with the Super pack or do we need to get another model for it??

So far it is confirmed that it will be transformable into Battroid mode as shown other than the fighter mode. Also to be realesed alongside the VF-25 would be the Vajra….(DO NOT WANT)

Word on the street is that this is going to be a Chogokin series and not the usual kit which means it will be come built and it uses metal parts instead of plastic ones.

source: with thanks to Marvin.


8 responses to “Bandai VF-25 preview

  1. I want a Ranka figurine ;-;

  2. Damn, I want one of those. Aside from this version, wish they would release Ozma Lee VF-25S version, with the armour pack ^^.

  3. I like how you switched the OP image to a far more awesome one. Kudos.

  4. @shin: lol, i was found out NOOO!!!
    @lanie-emon: same here. i plan to get Ozma’s and Alto’s version both.

  5. Ranka = must have

    the only figurine ive seen in real life ever was a tsubasa chronicle one

  6. I don’t think the Vajra figure will fit together with my gundams.. They hate bugs.. -_-“

  7. Funny, I couldn’t see the original splash image.

    Can’t say I’m much into the model-building scene though.

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