Macross Frontier: 06-07

Obligatory fanservice to kick things off. it gets hotter after this.

Episode 06

A build up episode. That is all I could come up with to describe episode 6 of this sage. The drop in animation QUALITY left my eyes bleeding so to speak. Nonetheless I found the developments in this episode to be rather interesting. Ranka is obviously losing the fight for Alto-hime’s heart now and the ball is firmly in Sheryl’s half of the field, it would take a huge plot twist to put her back in the driving seat now but as an ardent supporter I will hold out for an Alto X Ranka good end. The other part that really stood out IMO was the ending. The departure of the SMS flagship, the Macross Quarter coupled with Sheryl’s melancholic song Diamond Crevasse left me in tears (seriously). All is set now for the blockbuster episode next time around.

Episode 07

From gay to GAR. Story of the century.

Absolutely brilliant, that’s the sole thought that ran trough my mind as I watched this episode. Everything was flawless from the coordination of the battle scenes to the music. Now we know where all that money went to, all is forgiven.

The episode begins at the end of Sheryl’s opening act from last week and she quickly belts Iteza Gogo Kuji Don’t be latez that serves as the BGM for the opening act of the battle.

The SMS are deployed as the vanguard of this engagement, a wise choice by the commander as the more experienced SMS would be able to soften up the Vajra for the NUNS.


I know my butt is big, try not to hit it will you?

Shut up Klan, you know im gonna hit it sooner or later!!


At the word of Captain Ozma the SMS squadrons form up into the ‘Planet Dance’ formation that sees Mikhail providing supporting cover, Luca forming the recon arm and Pixie squadron together with Skull Squadron as the spear tip paving the way for the Koenig Monster. Klan took this opportunity to tease Mikhail about their childhood where Mikhail cried when Klan left him behind which predictably ruffled his feathers and he goes into *tsun tsun* mode.

Somehow this reminds me of that DRAGOON system.



In the meantime Ozma was busy pwning the collective Asses of all the Vajra he comes across with Alto struggling to keep up with the heavier Armored. It is quite evident that Alto still has much to learn if he ever wants to succeed Ozma when he gets his pineapple salad. Not to be outdone the Konig Monster piloted by Canaria came into play and opened up on the Vajra with orgasmic effects,

The highlight of the episode would definitely be the capture of Luca by the Vajra Mothership and his subsequent rescue by Alto and THE Macross Quarter accompanied by Infinity, a duet by Ranka and Sheryl. I can’t pin down what I felt during the scene but it was something of a cross between a kiddish awe and a burning sense of GAR. When the Quarter transformed, I was left gawking at its magnificent sight. Also, the mysterious VF that was spotted in the OP was revealed as well.

This episode will be forever ingrained in my mind as one of the greatest moments in anime IMO. It was a sensory overload, which left me craving for more at the end of it.

Next week looks like a throwback to poor animation due to the studio blowing their budget on this episode. I do wonder why aren’t they getting more cash to play with for such an important anime. Maybe Sunrise should donate some to them instead of making substandard stuff like episode 07 of Gayass.


10 responses to “Macross Frontier: 06-07

  1. Yesh!! Macross is finally getting serious.. But its short-lived due to cutdown of graphic for next episode..

    “Gay to GAR”

    Lol nice one.. XD

  2. I know everyone is going to kill me for saying this, but I’ll do it anyway:
    Mecha pr0n

  3. @Fariz: early screenshots of EP 08 are out and they look “IMPRESSIVE”.

    @Nagato: what you mean you don’t like them tentacles on mecha? FOR SHAME!!

  4. episode 7 is awesome! i shed a tear.

  5. I still have not watched this lawl.

  6. I dunnoes … I didn’t really liek this. It’s all for the sake of Ranka

  7. @gordon: I shed a liter of manly tears.

    @ shin: but you watched ep 08 so fast? BLASPHEMY.

    @blissmo: … well i can understand that some might not like this but Ranka is still great nontheless.

  8. Damn, the macross just wow me, Transforming from ship to big big, dunno wat you call it

  9. Episode 7 was truly fantastic. Too bad about the animation quality though.

  10. More and more fan service coming.. lol

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