figma Saber teaser post.

After a month long delay due to the lack of stock, i finally got hold of the rare (due to severe shortages) figma Saber.

Damn, she sure is packing a lot of stuff in that little body of hers.

Detailed swords are detailed.

This is possibly the most ornate box that i have come across so far.

Soon to come, Saber in various compromising poses. *grins evilly* (no milk will be used)


Well, she certainly didn’t disappoint. In fact i am most impressed with the degree of workmanship that went into this figure. Can’t remember coming across a more impressive action figure in my life. The stability of the figure is quite impressive as well as she could stand perfectly straight without any intervention. Something i found near impossible to accomplish with Revoltech’s Dark Saber (perhaps i need to be scolled in the posing department).

She comes together with 4 pairs of hands, 2 swords(caliburn and Excalibur) and their sheaths(Avalon and Caliburn’s sheath), 3 faces, 2 sets of hairs and a figma base as well as a bag for you to store all the bits.

Now if you would excuse me, i have to go and play with her again.


My semester finals are coming up soon so updates will be slow as studies suck up my life. Will be back to full strength on the 17th of June.


7 responses to “figma Saber teaser post.

  1. wow

    you can change their faces?

    LOL! awesome!!

  2. I need to take snaps of my Revoltech No.50 soon wwww

  3. Missed this one. Waiting for a re-release.

  4. yeah.. glad to see you got yours.. XD you got yours from Kevin?

    Good Luck for exam! XD

  5. she’s my first figma, happy with the quality.

    Maybe someday I’ll take her pictures too 😀

  6. looks nice.
    Cool that it can change faces

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