Non Aggression? Dialogue? GTFO!

Freedom is not free but the Library Corps will pay the most for your share.

After a long absence from writing about Toshokan Sensou, Episode 10 finally rekindled my zeal to write. So this week we see the Library Task Force heading out to a neighboring prefecture to defend an art exhibition from the censorship of the Media Improvement Act.

Her looks will get anyone to open up their deepest secrets, FACT.

Things went awry really quickly upon the discovery that the Ibaraki Library was adopting a stance of non-aggression against the MIA. Apparently they think they can reason with government goons bent on censoring information. Personally, I think their stance reeks of self-righteousness and idiocy on an unparalleled scale. Tell me then how are you going to reason with a merciless group of people hell bent on robbing you of what precious freedom you have with a loaded gun pointed to your head? This is complete bull crap in my heavily biased opinion.

Id like to see you say that when they ransack your home kill your son, and take your wive and daughter as sex slaves.

No worries for you because you are the most hideous bitch I’ve ever seen. They’ll just make it quick with a bullet to the head to relieve you of your miserable existence.

Also, the discrimination against the Defense Force in the Ibaraki Library is uncalled for at best and hypocritical at worst. For an organization that protects and values the freedom of knowledge is it not right to have more respect for soldiers who willingly put their lives on the line to protect this creed. I have no sympathy whatsoever for those bitches who bullied Iku and the other Defense Force members, I would love to see them try to protect themselves when the forces of the MIA put them to the sword.

Damned bitches better not let me catch them. I’ll make sure i disfigure them so much so that even their parents wont know who they are.

The fist of Righteous Justice. Pray that it does not meet your face you ugly sluts.


That said I was really pleased with the advancements in the romance department. It would seem that Shibasaki does indeed have a thing for Tezuka and the relationship between Iku and Doujou continues to blossom. I do wish they would live happily ever after. The friction between Iku and her mother was also solved at long last which is great because I honestly feel for her mother, it is indeed stressful for parents to let their children go, especially when they have chosen a particularly dangerous path to take in life.

How sweet………

In the preview it seems that we would finally have another long awaited battle and it looks to be a real big one this time around.

P.S. It feels kinda weird to have nothing to do for a few weeks after studying like a possessed man during the finals.


2 responses to “Non Aggression? Dialogue? GTFO!

  1. >>It feels kinda weird to have nothing to do for a few weeks after studying like a possessed man during the finals.

    Same here, all the work’s done and now it’s like holiday

    But anyway, this episode was good but I still like episode 9 better

  2. Hopefully them bitches die the next episode, wakaka 😛

    Damn I too just finished my exams, but if only there was something to possess me to write something right now (oh, wait, next episode of Toshokan Sensou – get!)

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