There is Fabulous and there is Fabulous. This is the latter.

Sorry Shin your theory, though absolutely FABULOUS fails to hold water in the face of overwhelming reverse trappines.

First i was like. WTF, thats some sweet ass right there.

Then, i was like NO FAWKING WAI you still have moar to show???

Finally, i was like. YOU GONNA GET RAPED.

Shenanigans aside. Lelouch’s FABULOUS points just increased twofold in this episode. Lets examine the evidence below.


FABULOUS controls. [CHECK]


AT field??? Is this EVA now?????


Disco Ball of doom. [CHECK]


Lulu, we hereby proclaim you the most FABULOUS Terrorist ever!!!


Yes he does, no its not you.

Damn C.C. is it me or are you getting hotter with each passing episode. She is old enough to be my ancestor and yet i want to run off with her in my arms.

Well that certainly was entertaining, massive mech battles coupled with epic weaponry is always a plus in my book. Unfortunately though the focus of the series just switched back to the Ashford Academy again. I sincerely wish that the writers would stop it with the academy already and get to Lelouch’s plan for world domination. Also, the ever so adorable Tianzi was finally reunited with her one true love, Xing Ke GOOD ENDS FOR ALL!!!!! It kind of sucks though that the Brits captured Kallen.

I like my women gagged……

or bound….

but best of all, gagged and bound..

Speculations as to Kallen’s fate while in captivity.

  1. Getting mindfucked by THE EMPEROR and turned into his pawn.
  2. Getting raped by Suzaku and becomes his bitch.
  3. Tortured to insanity, which will result in Lulu going into berserk mode, putting an end to Brittania.
  4. Escapes while hiding a lock pick in between her bewbs and pwns every single guard and the Rounds in her escape.
  5. All of the above.

Signing off with FABULOUS images.


7 responses to “There is Fabulous and there is Fabulous. This is the latter.

  1. All he needs now is some Fabulous hair like XingKe’s. Or at least a blue butt hat. Oh wai-

    Love the bling btw. It’s scary how much it actually matches Lulu…

  2. i cannot get over the fact that lulu’s poses when making speeches are getting more and more ridiculous every epsiode that now, he even makes his mecha do the same thing. ROFL.

  3. @issa-sa : OH SHI- his FABULOUS levels will be OVER 9000 by then.

    @biankita: i find it rather humorous though. It seems he is trying to be a Rock Star or something like that, which he partially is.

  4. When I saw Kallen “bound and gagged” I was all, WTF YAY.

    @issa-sa, I noticed that too..

    @biankita, I like his over-extravagant poses :\


  6. Kallen rape doujins where?

  7. i choose All of the above. (‘~’)

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