Revoltech ARX-8Laevatein and Gurren Lagann Full-Drill (Preview)

ARX-8 Laevatein


All i can say about it is my mind got totally blown away. It gives me great joy to finally see one of my favourite mecha getting the Revoltech treatment. Information about the Laevatein for the uninitiated is here.

STATUS: Preordered.

Gurren Lagann Full Drill Mode.


Essentially, its a copy of the Gurren Lagann that was released some months ago. But this time just with more drills to increase the GAR levels of it.

STATUS: Preordered.

source of pics: Hobbysearch. (you can get your preorders there too)


9 responses to “Revoltech ARX-8Laevatein and Gurren Lagann Full-Drill (Preview)

  1. My favourite colour is red 😀

  2. F*CK, I’m going to return my #50 and get that one instead.

  3. Laevatein looking mighty fine there. Love the huge-a** cannon.

  4. Cr*p, There goes my cash

  5. won’t those who bought the original Gurren Lagann without the drills felt cheated now that there’s a new version? O_O

  6. @blissmo: red is the colour of life. Flowing out of you that is.

    @Shin: Just as planned.

    @Lanie-emon: a FMP fan’s wet dream come true sans Chidori and Tessa yuri. The cannon is absolutely GAR.

    @Rokku: The figya gods demand sacrifice of cash.

    @gordon: yes they will. Luckily i dont own the earlier version. If i did i would go ballistic like Shin.

  7. Laevatein.. KONATA?! (Remembering wrong series) XD

    Hmm.. Now Gurren Lagann has MORE THAN ONE DRILL! 😀

  8. I saw that Lagann at M.Valley XL-Shop. Quite nice, but to small compare to my Gundam Collection^_^. I like the lasengan display side by side with it, like what i saw in the anime.

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