First Contact: Sekirei & Strike Witches.

What has science done? It has given you the perfect girlfriend, almost.


Nope, it isn’t nearly as serious as the image implies.
Money doesn’t drop from the sky but girls do!!
What follows after a kiss?


Seriously dude, you TV viewing habits are creepy to say the least.

FABULOUS version of Prof. Oak.


What I thought? Well for starters Sekirei isn’t your usual harem anime. Sure, most of the girls will fall head over heels for the male lead but the catch is they would be battling each other for some weird prize that I couldn’t begin to comprehend. Still, it makes for good fanservice with clothes being ripped faster than you can say FANSERVICE!! The only complaint I have about the show now is the cow bewbs of Musubi. Granted, she does have an extremely fine posterior that might rival C.C’s but the monstrous bewbs just creep me out.

Verdict: Good, so long as it largely follows the source material I will continue to watch it.

Oh GAWD!! So many lolis so little time.

Strike Witches

TAKE US IN CLOSER!!!!! (Refer to earlier images)


By the throne!!! I have never in my life seen so many lolis in one place. Also, is it me or do lolis in this anime wear nothing but bloomers or panties below their waist? Not that I’m complaining though. Fetish levels are off the charts in this anime you name it, they would most likely have it, be it eyepatches, bloomers, lolis, animal ears, among various others that one would surely be able to spot if they looked closer.

Verdict: This one’s for keeps, if you liked Sky Girls you MUST watch this.


11 responses to “First Contact: Sekirei & Strike Witches.

  1. The two shows that have the most pretty pictures are a fanservice galore ;___;

  2. Between the two, I actually prefer Strike Witches, only because I have all the lolis I want at the beginning of the episode.

  3. I haeted Sky Girls as there was too much filler and not enough plot. And the plot itself was bad. If this series even tries to emulate Sky Girls, I shudder to think of what’s in store.

  4. In the battlefields of tomorrow, trouser-free, cameltoe-flashing skirmish represents the future of mobile infantry combat. Power of a JSF. Accuracy of a precision-guided munition. One hit from this and it’s all over.

  5. @blissmo: Bloodloss~~~too much~~~ loosing consciousness~~~~~

    @Shin: Lolis are always a plus, especially with massive lolicons like you.

    @omisyth: the only similarity between Sky Girls and Strike Witches is the abundance of lolis flying around.

    @Hangmen: TACTICOOL.

  6. Fan service goodness… Into download list! XD

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