Zero no Tsukaima: Princesses no Rondo 01

Starting the new season with a bang.

“Louise, i can’t wait any longer. I want you now.”
“You stupid dog”
“But you are just so beautiful i couldn’t control myself.”
“Y~you stupid dog!! Not there”
“Ah, but my dear the is no time like the present.”
O Siesta you cockblocker you!!!
“Saito i want to be one with you!!”
“ahh, and me too.”
“I love you.”
“Lets just do it now.”
“Hush, my love. We are committing a sinful act now. What need is there for prayers.”

“Louise!! You were too rough yesterday!!!”

“Y~You stupid dog!! Don’t talk about private stuff in public!!”



After the horror that was season 2 i was not holding out any hope at all for the third season of ZnT but thankfully this episode has restored my confidence in the series. Louise is much more lovable now without her prior insecurities about her feelings towards Saito though she still goes tsun~tsun quite often. I just love how she blushes whenever Saito shows his affection for her. All in all, i am getting much better vibes from this season as compared to the last, partly due to the abscence of EMO in this season.

Verdict: Definitely for keeps. Who could turn down such an awesome tsundere loli. Just pray that she doesnt bring out the horsewhip…….


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6 responses to “Zero no Tsukaima: Princesses no Rondo 01

  1. I didn’t notice it before, but Louise has a fang?


  2. Shin is slowking.

    Also, lolifang has boosted louise on my moe scale by liek 9000.

    Also, Tiffania’s tits have physical laws all to themselves. Srsly.

  3. Man, I ‘ve seen so many images of this anime but it just doesn’t grab my attention

  4. Kabitzin pointed something interesting out; HEAD STOMP!

  5. I only got 49 gold.. discount pls?

  6. @Shin: LOLFANG. Wow i didn’t realise that was a move, no wonder it seemed familiar.

    @C.I.: Advancements in Boob physics never fail to surprise me.

    @blissmo: watch it for the lolis.

    @Mizunaga: er no. Its too rare for the price to go any lower.

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