Evangelion 1.01 screening: In your screening halls. SCREAMING ZOMG TEH REI!!!

Leeching festival before the screening.
The long march to the theater.
Note: Shin has got his Kyonko shirt!! Time for mass production!!!
Namelist of /as/ comrades.
Emina: the organiser of this event.
linkinstreet doing a gendou impersonation.
and failing.

Group Photo.

(names are left to right and i dont know some of their names.)

Front row: fishball, ???, Star dust, Shin, Cloud, ???

Mid row: ???, Czero, Wolf-X, dopodplaya, ???, ??, ???

Back row: redeye, Exiled_Gundam, Stormy001, ???, ???

Just got back from the Evangelion screening gathering at Cineleisure Damansara today. Power levels were over 9000 as expected from all the otakus gathering there. Also just as expected was the censorship of certain scenes and the lack of a preview for the next episode which made half of the audience to RAGE at the end of the movie. All in all, it was really fun meeting all the comrades from the local scene and bonding with them. had a really good time. Sadly, i didnt get the chance to scream TEH REI!!!


11 responses to “Evangelion 1.01 screening: In your screening halls. SCREAMING ZOMG TEH REI!!!

  1. I fapped to the buttraep scene of Eva 01 and 00

  2. “Also just as expected was the censorship of certain scenes ”

    I wonder exactly what scenes they censored…I think the only possible one scene is when Rei is changing her clothes or Shinji leaving Rei´s ID card scene…

    It seems everyone had a great time.

  3. Gendou Linkari is for teh WIN!!!

  4. I almost fell asleep.


  6. Damnit, missed out on the fun. Nothing much happens in Australia ….

  7. I used to live like 5 minutes from this place (Okay, make that 15, considering the atrocious traffic in the area). Nothing else to say since I wasn’t there nor have I watched the movie -_-“

  8. TEH REI is new meme? 😛

  9. @linkinstreet: I saw what you did thar. Sitting only one seat away from you and all.

    @Toonleap: There are two scenes with Rei’s nipples showing. One is in her apartment and the other in the changing room. Both were censored because they fear that all the otakus in the cinema will orgasm at the sight of Rei’s nipples.

    @wolfx: Sorta want.

    @Shin: My concentration levels were OVER9000. Seriously.

    @Aoshi: practicing stealth fapping skillz for next movie screening.

    @blissmo: well it was sorta unexpected that the movie aired here at all.

    @issa-sa: You get to watch all the movies you want in Japan anyway. Wayyyyy earlier than us back home.

    @faye: its been around for some time i think.

  10. I has not watched the movie. EPIC FAIL.

    Any idea when screening ends?

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