Black Lagoon 3. It’s REAL!!!!!

If it turns out like this i would have a hard time deciding whether to RAGE or not.

OH HELL YEAH!!!! The third season of Black Lagoon is finally going to be made!!! Got nothing much to say except for “Hell, Its about time”. I really missed the blood soaked streets of Roanapur. Time to celebrate with pic spam. (click for larger version)

One thing though. I really hope we would get to see more of the maids in the new season, especially Fabiola. Where else on earth can you get awesome maids like they do in Black Lagoon??


20 responses to “Black Lagoon 3. It’s REAL!!!!!

  1. Why is there no Ginji love, he was a kick-ass character. ;_;

    Also, we need moar killer maids. NAO.

  2. C.I. is gay for Ginji. He wants some mansaber fights.

  3. @double: How can you say no to splitting bullets with a Katana? ^_^

  4. Where can you get awesome meidos like Black Lagoon? Kamen no Maid Guy of course!
    Maid Guy may never get a 2nd season, but I’m sure as hell pumped that Black Lagoon’s getting its 3rd!!!

  5. I’ve never heard of this

  6. @blissmo

    If you gave it a shot, you’ll realize how much bloody fun this ride is.

    Oh hey, I made puns.

  7. It’s heaven for yandere lovers.

  8. Hell, Its about time!
    there will be blood. lot of it. call the blood bank now.

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  11. More maids? The maid was the only stupid part in BL and you want more? It was absolutely ridicules, especially when they did the “Terminator” maid scene, okey i’ll admit it was pretty funny but funny in a way like “I can’t believe they really did something this bad” kind of way. Completely ridiculous! NO MAIDS IN BLACK LAGOON 3, PLEACE!


  13. and i just wanted to start watching the manga
    i’m glad i didn’t
    W8 FOR THE 3RD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. How can you say “no more maids”? I mean, honestly, I would think it was silly if they did add more maids, but given Roberta’s background in the story, she had every reason to be a super-human psychopath. Balaika’s hit squad pulls off some pretty amazing things, and I’m sure you’ll see more in season 3. Roberta herself was supposedly a trained militant with skills comparable to a US Marine. The point of her being a maid was that it made it surprising that she actually was dangerous.

  15. The entire 3rd season will be about “Maids gone Wild” in Roanpanur.

    So for those of you saying no more maids, you might want to hope for a season 4 instead.

  16. F**K YEA!!! can’t wait for S3 of black lagoon. rock and revy and finally get together, if u know what i mean

  17. @Nova … as much as I want that to happen I really don’t think that’s gonna happen

  18. ShitShut Down Computer

    @C.I. – lol, because he’s dead in season 2 LOL
    i’ve seen the manga, looks like we’re getting some war crazed maids and Revy, as well as scarface x’D


  19. Well.. Can’t wait for a season 3, though it has been longer than a year that it got anounced… Still, It’s worth waiting for, cause this has been one of the best animes i’ve seen for sure! and thus i’d rather wait 5 years than having no 3rd season at all xD (And lets hope Revy finally takes the nun her advice and fks Rock xP)

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