Strike Witches 02

Sure feels like yuri around here. Not that I’m complaining though.
A loli makes a better leader. FACT
Someone on that ship sure has a bondage fetish.
Legs goes here.
Like i said earlier. Yuri vibes are coming off in waves!!

Nutbladder destruction confirmed.

Strangely enough, Perrine reminds me of one of my classmates when she looks flustered.

Misleading subs are misleading


First of all, slowpoke posting can be attributed to the beginning of my new semseter and thus a really hectic time in Uni. Back on topic, this episode focused mainly on Yoshika getting rid of her insecurities and joining the Strike Witches as well as her first taste of battle witha  Neuroi. Nothing much to say about this epidsode except that the battle scenes were well done and the lolis are as fappable as usual. Also, the yuri fodder was really enjoyable.

click it, you know you want to.

Strike WItches stats. Click for larger version.


2 responses to “Strike Witches 02

  1. Caption for the last screenshot should read: COCK GOES WHERE?!

  2. The last picture is awesome.. But I LOL-ed at the part where they show what pantsu they are wearing.. XD

    Seriously, they look awesome in their striker packs.. ^^

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