Strike Witches 03

Yes you will sirs. If you make them put on any pants ill erase your existence.

Is that some yuri i sense??
Jealous much? France-tan.

The lolis are scared of unnaturally huge boobs.

A girl sniper? Sign me up for the army!!

GOD AWFUL CENSORS ruining an otherwise great episode.


One word. RAGE. Yes, RAGE. Want to know why I’m raging? Watch the episode. Ok seriously, I’m pissed off that after two episodes of unadulterated pantsu shots and tons of fanservice Gonzo decided to put a stop to it and started bringing out the fukken censors such as shown in the screencaps. Not that the censors ruins the entire episode, which still has enough fanservice and battle scenes to fill the entire party van. But, I still felt a part of my inner lolicon die. Damn you Gonzo for taking away our god given right to ogle at loli pantsu!!!

On an entirely unrelated matter, I decided to try out the (ノゝ∀・)~キラ☆ pose. Results below.


2 responses to “Strike Witches 03

  1. (ノゝ∀・)~キラ☆

    And in case you’re wondering, those panty shots are uncensored in a different release of RAWs. Hopefully there will be a proper group handling it.

  2. Hopefully so, it just isn’t Strike Witches without the loli pantsu.


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