Thought Toshosen’s scenario was impossible in real life?? Well, up your collective asses, it’s happening right here, right now.

7th of July

KUALA LUMPUR– Recently, a squad of enforcers from the Home Ministry raided a few premises that have been found to be distributing gay comics in a shopping complex in the Damansara area.

The raid was made after and expose by Kosmo!(a local gossip tabloid that is full of AIDS and FAIL). They were succesful in aquiring 50 comic books of various titles that contained homosexual materials that are said to be the cause of moral decadence among the youth.

The raid was lead by the Deputy Leader of the Unit of Publishing Control and al-Quran Text, Faizal Mohd Ali together with four enforcement officers. The booty they looted was worth RM 2400 which is roughly 800USD.

According to him, the books were seized in accordance to the Printing and Publications Act (1984) for further study. (I guess in their desperation for yaoi fapping material they raided the bookshops using the moral high ground as cover.)

“After Kosmo!’s expose we investigated the premises and found that they were selling gay comics and other similar materials that would cause moral decadence among the youth. With that, the reading materials have been seized and have been delivered to the Publishing Department for further study where a decision whether the materials are safe for the public would be made” he said when he was contacted yesterday night.

Recently Kosmo! has reported about the activities of several premises in the Damansara area that have been selling more than 20 types of gay comics that cost up to RM50 each. (Roughly 18USD)

In fact those comics have been well received by the younger generation who love to read those sort of comics.

Faizal added that these reading materials should not have been sold at all because they could influence youngsters to engage in immoral activities.

The public has been urged to report any sales of suspicious reading materials to the Enforcement Agency at 03-88868420.

Original article: Kosmo!

Source: Atarashii Prelude

TL of article: Your’s truly. Damn, it’s been tooo long since i wrote anything in Malay.

SO there you have it a real life Toshosen moment. While I am not a supporter of boy’s love or yaoi (I am in favor of yuri.) I have a dim view of government censors and their actions as shown in that article. People were born free and we should have the right to access any available information that we desire that is what I believe in. My argument is rather simple, information should be free for all to acquire and if you don’t like what you see just turn a blind eye to it since there would definitely be others who would think otherwise.

I would also like to stress that the reasons given by the enforcement officers are absolutely ridiculous. Reading comics and books about same sex relationships does not make one homosexual as well, why can’t it be treated like reading romance novels and the like? It is merely a piece of work that is used to express love, albeit in a more unorthodox form.

Also, rather than spending so much time and effort trying to be a bunch of self-proclaimed guardians of morality the Home Ministry or rather the Malaysian Government should first take a good hard look at itself. Millions, possibly billions of dollars lost due to corruption, the upheaval of the judiciary system, and the suppression of the freedoms of the people. Only when they solved those problems do they even have the right to whisper the word “Moral” .

Now if you would excuse me I have to stock up on all sorts of (forbidden) reading materials before the Government and its corrupt goons decide to censor every damn thing.

P.S. Scouring the depths of the internet for images to be used in this post has given me a horrible headache. My mind fails under the stress of looking at so many yaoi images.

P.P.S. I still can’t understand why people like yaoi.



  1. You’re not female thus you won’t understand.


  2. I think you meant to type “al-Quran”. I wouldn’t bother changing it if it wasn’t implying that Ouran had something to do with this fail.
    *urgh* the word “Moral” in connotation with Malaysia… leaves a bad taste in my mouth almost as bad as that one subject we were forced to take in SPM… Oh frick, why did I have to remind myself of that…

  3. @Aoshi: i don’t intend to.

    @issa-sa: FIXED. and yeah the Moral exams during SPM were really screwed up.

  4. Ummm….but why are you ‘female’ in your LYN profile? ^^U

  5. Yaoi: Ew.
    Genderbending: VRY NIEESSS!


  7. WHY, pray tell, did you have to put up all those Yaoi pics over the post. orz

    Indeed, this is a Toshokan Sensou moment for us Malaysians (or Malaysian Yaoi fangirls, to be precise).

  8. But Moral was a free A1.

  9. @faye: some things are better left unanswered.

    @korosora: Great minds think alike.

    @Mizunaga: the article was about yaoi so i guess yaoi images would be appropriate.

    @Shin: more like a free Fail for me. I used to fail it all the time before the real exams.

  10. No yaoi pics would’ve been way better. ^^; Or maybe you could do what I did and throw in some yuri pics as a bonus 😛

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  12. Moral Decadence. Sheesh. Throughout the decades, people are always thinking things like video games, rock music, comic books (not just yaoi, but the Crime Stories and Horror stories published in the golden era of American Comics.) Fundamentalists always want a scapegoat for anything they consider wrong with the world. Pfeh.

    I’m confused about something. You like Yuri but you criticize others for liking Yaoi? Isn’t its appeal based on what is essentially the same principle, only with the gender reversed? Like, I’d think that sure, you don’t like dudes so you don’t want to watch them make out. Yup. But as a yuri fanboy isn’t it a bit hypocritical impose that sort of double standard upon the yaoi fangirl?

  13. This is why we can’t have nice things.

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