Taylors Anime Festival: Reporting from the frontlines.

The Figure Mall’s figure display booth at the TAF’s hall. My figure collection is in there some where as well.

I arrived at the place at roughly 8.30a.m and ended up taking some picture of the figures that were on display because there was not many people there yet.
One thing i really like about going to figure displays is that i get to photograph figures i otherwise would never have come into contact with.
Such as these beauties.

At roughly 10am the event got started off with a rendition of Hare Hare Yukai that was made of equal parts of FAIL and LULZ. Seriously, they should have at least came up with something new for once. I am freaking tired of this same old routine repeating itself like a bad recorder. Do something fresh like singing Seikan Hikou or anything else for that matter.

Continuing to roam across the hall and catching strange sights and sounds.

Stepmania never looks so full of lulz.
OH GOD. Chaos never fails to amuse me as usual.

The words say it all.
A rather nice Suigintou costume if i do say so myself.
I’m going to pick the one on the right hand side. yes the goth loli. The on on the left however…. “NO COMMENT”
A Toshokan Sensou cosplayer cosplaying as Iku. Face censored for reasons best known to the author. After i took this shot it was time for the part of the day that made me RAGE the most. The COSPLAY competition.
But before the RAGE lets hear a message from our sponsors. (if you haven’t guessed yet that is Shin, remember his face for it is important later on i the post)

OK. Now for the RAGE. Most of the cosplayers that took part were moderately good and semi skilled but there were a few that really made me RAGE. The buffoon above is a good example. That person was supposed to perform a mime act (which is full of FAIL by itself) but she couldn’t get the topic across and everyone including the judges were left scratching their heads as to what this maniac was trying to do. A MOST DEFINITE EPIC FAIL
This young lass here however showed fortitude and an aptitude for cosplay by pulling off this above average rendition of Chi. Too bad she didn’t win anything. I wonder what were the judges smoking when they knocked her out.
Bleachtard cosplay is always an automatic EPIC FAIL but yet this person won something. (well at least his costume looks ok)
“I disapprove of your Bleachtardness. DIE MONGREL SCUM”
This young lady did a good job on cosplaying Louise right down to the Tsundere and the Zettai Ryouiki. BUT she made a fatal error that was most likely the cause of her defeat. Louise has PINK hair mein Fraulein, not BLACK.
The judges deliberating about the results. And yeah, it wasn’t just as i planned it to be. The contestants whom i saw potential in didn’t win anything.

After the horror of the COSPLAY competition i returned to the booth to take more pics of figures and more otaku shenanigans ensued.


Exiled_Gundam cyborg version. Would you click the activation button?

Taking pictures of the various figures was definitely more enjoyable than most of the events there.
To cap off the EPIC FAIL of the COSPLAY COMP we had an equally bad band playing GOD “FUCKING” KNOWS. Now, i might be harsh in this respect but their style of playing did wonders to my eardrums so much so that i couln’t hear shit for the next half hour.
To neuter tha threat of EPIC FAIL from spreading the Dark Angels Space Marines were called in to exterminate the heretics who shunned the light of THE EMPEROR.




You won’t quite understand how hard i laugh and cried at the same time unless you were there with the rest of us getting our collective minds RAPED.

Well I’ve got to commend him for living up to his boast that he would do it though.

Comrades that are covering this event.



Toys Workz


23 responses to “Taylors Anime Festival: Reporting from the frontlines.

  1. I’d hit the trap.

  2. and stop the ads faget


  4. Many say that last year’s was better. I dunno cos I missed last year’s event.

    Glad there was PS2s as well as Melty Blood! I was sitting down playing for most of my time there. Lol.

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  6. Just got back from BBQ… Blergh… Guess I’ll update tomorrow.

    Btw, goth-loli-meido-pink cosplayer on the right is actually PCGAMER’s Editor.

  7. Huh? Meido-Shin!? …. um… *moeeeeee*

  8. That is the creepiest things I have ever seen! I really want to go to one of them.

  9. photos kinda dark…u left too early d..should hav wait for the TFM group photo session…=.=”

  10. Can’t believe I missed teh trap. T_T

    Also, I didn’t have pink wig and wasn’t going to join the cosplay comp anyway, but when I saw the prizes I just had to give it a shot. Ah well.

  11. I’m bringing sexy back.

  12. Shin was a judge?

  13. Okay, the Iku cosplayer totally made up for my *bad memories of stupid exams in that very same hall* thoughts.
    (What meido Shin-chan? LALALALALA….)

  14. @Prim3: you cannot unsee!!!

    @LHW: well i missed last year’s as well. I didn’t get to try the games……

    @Aoshi: that was a typo actually i meant the one on the left. Was half-asleep when i posted this.

    @Divine Fang: Prepare for some loving buttsecks.

    @sai: nice group photos though.

    @blissmo: ROFLMAO.

    @faye: ahaha. I think you did quite ok though. Too bad the prizes went to people i didn’t approve of.

    @Shin: Them other boys they don’t know how to act.

    @C.I.: Yes, and a pretty good one at that.

    @issa-sa: Your eyes cant censor the truth!!!

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  16. Do you know how hard it is to be an anime character XD lols sorry if the winners weren’t winners in your eyes. I Didn’t expect to win considering there were a lot of good cosplayers around who didn’t enter but were present

  17. Why didn’t you buy Alicia?
    She needs a better place…
    Like my room…

  18. @Reno san: I do not question their dedication just their choice of characters. Then again I’m a really brutal and biased judge.XDDDD

    @korosora: Mine not yours. Too bad she was sold out ages ago.

  19. WOW!!!! That’s cool!!!!!!
    I wish there was something like this in Toronto…
    It seems you had fun…

  20. explain about the goth loli

  21. nice festival there 🙂

    figurines + cosplay = win 😀

  22. Da anime fest rocks!!!!! Looking forward to next year’s…..

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