Damn, the good news just keeps coming in droves lately. We’ve got ourselves a Nanoha Movie as well now!!!!

Looks like the timeline this time would be set shortly after or before A’s judging by their appearances.

Some character sketches to whet the raging lolicon’s appetite.

I just sincerely wish that they would pack more action and less slice of life into the movie. Judging by the title it seems that there would be a second movie with this being the first. Also, its great to have loli Fate X Nanoha action once more. (if you get what i actually mean)

Source of news: Moetron


7 responses to “CAN WE HAZ MOAR NANOXFEITO??

  1. Actually, it’s a remake of the first season as a movie, hence the redesign of the devices and barrier jackets

  2. She’s not pretty lols

  3. @blissmo

    You best not be referring to Fate or else we won’t be best friends anymore ):<

  4. LOL, count on blissmo to anger the lolicons 😛
    @blissmo: You’ll probably never read this, but the draw of either of these two isn’t so muc in them being ‘pretty’. ‘Pretty badass’ maybe.

  5. @DX: I see, but still im just glad that there is a Nanoha movie coming soon.

    @blissmo: you had best be joking my friend.

    @Shin: we are in agreement.

    @issa-sa: Pretty badass and pretty in bed (together).. XDD

  6. Huh…Bardiche gets a curved blade rather than the angled one of before. Interesting.

  7. @Shin: Since when were we bffs? KIDDING, I luv you too

    @issa-sa: You certainly thought wrong. I always check for replies 😀

    And neither are pretty badass lols

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