Macross Frontier 17

So we got a Rick Roll of epic proportions. Ain’t stop me from loving this episode though.

This episode was practically filled with Death Flags. So much so that i could count at least 10 at a glance.

Lets do a quick count shall we?

[Death Flag 1]

The title of the episode itself. Goodbye Sister. And we all know that Ozma will only part with his sister when he or she dies. He would never leave her otherwise, being the great brother that he is.

[Death Flag 2]

The legendary pineapple salad that needs no introduction. Now updated to a pineapple cake so we can all collectively scream THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Death Flag 3]

Usually in a show when the hero begins to reminiscence about the past either he will go on to achieve great things or die a heroic death. In this case a heroic death was more likely.

[Death Flag 4]

When women start thinking about how good their ex-lovers were, chances are they would sob later when he dies. Which he usually does.

[Death Flag 5]

Ai-kun tears up Alto’s paper plane. This could be used to symbolise the demise of a pilot and the top aces of the SMS at the moment are Alto and Ozma. It could go either way but this episode was Ozma-centric.
[Death Flag 6]

Investigating a top secret government facility would usually result in death because the government obviously does not want it’s dark secrets being leaked.

[Death Flag 7]

Taking the bullet. Needs no explanation i guess. Reference Mu la Flaga from Gundam Seed.

[Death Flag 8]

I CONTINUE TO FIGHT!! I CONTINUE TO FIGHT!! No, seriously fighting on even when injured is an almost surefire way to get the hero’s death.

[Death Flag 9]

BANZAI CHARGE!!!! When all else fails and it comes down to the last resort of charging the enemy with a melee weapon it’s pretty much all over.

[Death Flag 10]

Okay.. So he made it to the end and finally could let go of his worries about Ranka. Death is pretty certain at this moment, massive blood loss takes its toll on Ozma.

But NO. He makes a miraculous recovery and is once again in the company of the people he treasure. Yeah i know he was supposed to die so many times over but yet he still manages to survive every single attempt on his life. A truly GAR moment in anime.

Conclusion? Ozma lee is so damned GAR that he not only evades death flags, he ripped them apart, chewed on them and spit them back out.


14 responses to “Macross Frontier 17

  1. Seikan Hikou as the OP was the real highlight this episode.

  2. I think the fact is that premarital sex is what saved him – Focker avoided the deed, to go for the pineapple salad first, and bit it. Hayao went for the steak dinner, but didn’t get a chance to eat it.. and bit it. Now, Ozma dives RIGHT into bed… and lives. That, and he goes straight for the food first, rather than waiting for it.

    There’s a lesson in here somewhere.

  3. He should have died long ago …

  4. I say….This is a message to the people who think Macross Frontier is going to be the same as other previous Macross shows lol I’m soo glad Ozma didn’t do a Roy Fokker. I have a good feeling this show isn’t as dark as I thought it would be.

    And the opening song is definitely a tribute to the people who’re just so into this Kira! business. The OP looks like it’s been put together at a short notice. I love it as much as seeing Alto scale a building for love, I mean for Ranka. :p

  5. damn lunar haven’t release episode 17 yet.

    btw bro, here’s a starfish. i’m now at, will be great if u can drop by to say hi and update your blogroll. see u next deculture!

  6. @Shin: As great as it was i still think that Ozma’s crowning moment of awesome was better.

    @Haesslich: Sex saves lives and creates lives too.

    @blissmo: you got something against Kamina incarnate?

    @ani_d: Romeo and Juliet Kira~ style.

    @gordon: done and grats on getting on the WP bandwagon.

  7. OldSchoolAnimeFan

    I immensely enjoy Macross Frontier, but could someone e-mail me and tell me what the heck “GAR” means or is an abbreviation for?

  8. FUKKEN’ DEATHROLL’D. And I miss watching animu here. ;_; Can’t wait to get a condo once it’s finished. Will apply for own connection instead of shared, filtered Wi-Fi.

  9. Kawamori’s stunt made me laugh. That was one awesome prank.

  10. Playing “My Soul For You” as flashback music didn’t help with the death flags. And ironically for GARness, Ozma’s seiyuu is same as Kamina’s. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  12. Ozma has more lives than a cat. Even in an orange VF, he would have made it out.

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